Thursday, October 7, 2010

the best of plans........

Had planned on making chicken and dumplings tonight for supper but by the time we were done with the morning studies,I was just tooo worn out to shred the chicken and make stock--so that will be tomorrow's dinner.I took the time after supper tonight to do everything except add the dumplings so it won't take much time to get dinner done tomorrow--yay! That's always a good thing!! Tonight the guys had burgers with mashed potatoes and gravy. I had the left over black-eyed pea patties and salmon croquettes--I didn't really have much of an appetite. The hubby went to the doc this morning because ever since he got the flu shot monday he hasn't felt well. He didn't know if it was the shot that made him sick or if he was getting sick before the shot. Twice this week he has come home from work early. He got a shot today and by afternoon,he was saying that he felt better already. Tonight's the last night of "mids" for a while---I HOPE! LOL He has worked nights FOREVER it seems like. He will be working a more "normal" shift now. He says he's ready for a change--I know I am. I'm sooo burned out on him being gone nights. We have a play date tomorrow with our homeschool group,so it's going to be a busy morning. We're still trying to play catch up on a few things we haven't gotten done the past 2 weeks. Hopefully that will all be done this weekend.