Thursday, December 2, 2010

Chocolate Rice Krispies.......a nice little pick me up....

My neice was chatting today about making Rice Krispy Treats and that this was her third try of the day and that the other 2 didn't turn out. Well she was using marshmallow fluff in the jar instead of real marshmallows. In the third batch,she used real marshmallows and all was right! I've been wanting Rice Krispy Treats too. I decided to go see what I could find in my pantry-I knew I had marshmallows (french vanilla,gingerbread, and some goofy shapes leftover from Halloween). I used all of the french vanilla marshmallows plus a few of the halloween shaped ones. I didn't think that gingerbread plus vanilla would go to well together. I used a quick and easy recipe from a little "no cook" cookbook that I got for Zachary last christmas.

Chocolate Rice Krispies

6cups chocolate rice krispies
4cups marshmallows
3TBS butter

place butter and marshmallows into a microwave safe bowl and "cook" on high for 1minute-stir and cook as needed for 30seconds more until marshmallows are melted and when stirred they are smooth---add 6 cups of cereal into a large bowl--pour in the marshmallows and stir well until all cereal is coated--place in buttered casserole dish and chill in the fridge until set.