Sunday, February 28, 2010

crazy busy -tiring weekend

This weekend has been a doozy! Saturday,it seemed my kid was just being disagreeable to be disagreeable-no matter what we asked him to do or said to him it ended up in whining and disagreeability on his part.It got to a point where I said "OK-NAP TIME"-finally got him to settle down and I lay down in hopes of a short nap myself and all of a sudden I hear a primal scream.He poked himself in the eye with his finger.OK once I get him calmed down from the initial shock of it,he's telling us that he can't see and that it hurts really badly.I don't really think anything of it and get him to settle back down telling him it'll be better after he rests some.After he goes to sleep,I slip out to the grocery store to pick up a few things.I get a text from the hubby saying that he's up and still crying about his eye so I finish up at the store and go back home.I call the "after hours/emergency line" for our pediatrician since our town doesn't have a walk-in clinic or dr office open on the weekends.She tells us that since it's been so long and he's still complaining with it that we need to get it looked at.So it's off to the e/r we go.We're there about 2 hours.He was surprisingly good-sitting still and watching the tv in the waiting room out of one eye LOL.We finally get seen by the dr and he does have a scratch on his eye.So they put antibiotic cream in his eye and put a patch on his eye to be worn overnight.My kid is really sensitive about stuff that touches him-meaning he doesn't like "itchy/scratchy" material and he's just really picky,so I thought we were in for a fight to get him to keep the patch on,but he did really well.We came home and gave him some tylenol and he settled down and went to sleep.He woke up every now and then,but for the most part he slept the whole night.We took the patch off about 5am and he went back to sleep and slept until 8 I think.Mommy needed the extra sleep too.I got a whole bowl of cereal and a cup of chocolate milk down him for breakfast.He hadn't eaten anything since that previous afternoon,so I'm sure he was starving.He is starting to run around by himself with both eyes open so he is on the mend thank goodness.What a rough saturday!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

better late than never

Deluxe scallop potatoes

Collard greens with bacon bites

Thick juice porkchops-what wasn't eaten the day they were cooked were slathered with fig preserves and eaten the next day.

Monday, February 22, 2010

new week

Well slowly,but surely I'm getting back to normal-head is still stuffy and sinuses still feel clogged but I did get the energy to do something around the house today.I put away a basket of clothes (still have 1 to do tomorrow) and mopped our side of the house.Didn't get to de-cluttering the table,but I will.Most of the day was good but it all went downhill at 3pm...I was napping sooo good when the doorbell rang.Someone was here to see Grandpa.He has a habit of doing things without telling us.He had gotten a neighbor "mr fix it" guy to come and install a couple of doors for him or something-I haven't gone outside to see the handiwork yet.One of the doors was to the room we call "downstairs" where the hubby sleeps during the day whe he works night shifts.Well he was sleeping good until then too.He was not a happy camper. He has terrible moods sometimes-especially if he gets woke up like that.

Supper was leftover pork chops from yesterday that I glazed with a few tablespoons of FIG PRESERVES,quickie mashed potatoesm, and kale that I had to cook before it went bad.I love kale.I had never tried it until about 2 years ago when I saw it cooked in a "gratin" on Food Network.Tonight,I sauteed it with a few strips of thick chopped bacon and a good heaping spoon of garlic.Instead of stock,I simmered it in a little water and 1/2 a can of progresso onion soup.After it cooked down,I sprinkled a little parmesan cheese and baked it a few more mins and it was delicious.The hubby wanted take out but I ignored him tonight and figured if he wanted it so badly,he could get it himself-there was nothing wrong with those leftovers. lol I had a tub of manwich in the fridge that I intended on sending with him to work tonight.He packed his own tonight-not sure what he came up with LOL.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Wonderful Weekend

Today was an absolutely beautiful day in east central Mississippi-wasn't too hot,for a change it was't too cold-it was just right,a slight breeze blowing.I wish we could have this kind of weather all year long.I can wish now,can't I? Had a slow start to the morning,so I kinda hiberated in bed until I got to feeling better.The hubby was a sweetie and put up all the laundry that was piling up in the hallway-I made a half hearted effort to help fold some things-HONEST.After I got up and moving around,we went on the weekly outing to the "only store in town" LOL.We picked up a few things to hopefully get us through the next week or so and came home.I hit the bed again cause I was feeling cruddy, and managed to get in a 10min nap.I had told the kiddo that if he left me alone for a few mins and let me rest that we'd go down to the little playgroud at the church down the block from our house.Grandpa's got some other project going on in the backyard,so we try to stay out of his way.Zach got in some run aroud,be loud as I want,kid time in and then we came home where you guessed it,I hit the bed again.This sinus/respiratory infection is really getting me down-I've been so tired.The meds don't make it any easier cause they shoot my blood sugars up-oh boy this has been a high week-I've had readings go about to 500.I got to feeling better and the hubby went to a friend's house to pick up a "gun thing" he had ordered.I made "HAPPY HUSBAND CHILI".It has been a few weeks since he's had it so I hope it did the trick.They will have enough leftovers to get them through midweek--I HOPE! I made myself some brown rice with turkey and black beans.I'm in a food rut again.Being sick has NOT helped me stick to my WW points some days.I have got to get back on track.I foud a new exercise thingie I want-a stationary bicycle.I found one for a good price and hopefully with our tax refund I'll be able to get it.I wanted a treadmill but not sure we have the space for it.I'm going to get the stationary bicycle and a few "kettle ball" weights.Hopefully those will get me exercisig again-my elliptical is getting old.LOL I need a change of pace.I can't wait on the warmer weather so we can get outside every day with the pooper.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

sweet things

I've had the ingredients to make the giada/food network peanut butter granola bars for a while now but have been putting it off-I got a few extra QUIET mins in the kitchen today so I threw them together.The last few times I've made them I've used AGAVE NECTAR.A few months ago,I read in a diabetic magazine that it's supposed to be easier digesting for diabetics and that it's supposed to be easier on their blood sugars-personally,I haven't found that to be the case-and after reading that in another study,they found that they had to stop the testing because they had diabetics passing out after eating it,I don't think I'll use agave nectar again.I used good old honey.I also used butterscotch chips instead of the chocolate chips.This time I left out the almonds and added dried cranberries.As usual they turned out delicious.I just have one problem with these "bars".Half the batch always falls apart=I've tried adding more oats,more peanut butter,more honey-they still fall apart and crumble something awful!I read one reviewer on the website sudject that you use an extra egg white.That I will definately try.I should have done it today because as I was pulling out the ingredients,the thought popped into my head that it might help if I used 2 egg whites this time.I'll learn to listen to my little voice.....but even the crumbles of this delightful granola bar are good! ;)

Wednesday's Menu

I have got to get back to the store LOL.The hubby and I have different versions of "quick-easy-and good for you" LOL. If I'm up to it I might try and sneak a quick trip in tomorrow.Zach's out of yogurt and I'm getting tired of my breakfast fare lately.

Today's main meal will be stuffed butterflied porkchops-which is basicly a thick,boneless porkchop that's been cut almost in half.I'm making some brown rice and added a little chicken base and boy does that smell good already.I think I'm going to eat the extra rice just like that.Can you tell I'm starving? I'm going to stuff the pork chops with rice and then brush the outside of the chop with my pear marmilade.I'd usually do apricot but I'm out and this pear stuff is just fabulous-and doesn't have too much sugar-a plus in my book! Sides are going to be field peas and some ww 1point veggie cups.Hubby will probably pout and say "where's the taters"? LOL and I'll tell him if he wants them--cook them himself! LOL

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I'm pretty good about reading the labels on packaged foods/mixes/etc-because I have a few food allergies.Not sure why I did it this time,but a lower fat boxed mix of brownies caught my eye a few days ago.I pulled it off the shelf and looked at the fat content-I pulled out the regular brownie mix by the same brand and low and behold it was lower! LOL Now isn't that something? Just goes to show you can't always believe what you see on food labels.I'm trying to move away from so much pre-packaged foods/mixes but I haven't had the time/haven't made the time to find and work on everything that I use mixes for.But I will.

Well I joined the SICK CLUB......

My son was sick over the weekend with sore throat,slight fever and sneezies.I felt it coming on yesterday when I was sneezing more and it didn't feel like 'just allergies'.Last night,every time I tried to get comfy in the bed my nose would close up-you know how it goes-roll over to the other side and the opposite side of your nose closes up-HATE THAT! I was up blowing my nose so much last night that neither I nor Tinkerbelle got a good night's sleep.My fever never went over 99,but I knew I'd better get into the dr early rather than wait for it to get worse later in the week.I had to get a shot and am on antibiotics for about 10 days.The shots wreak havoc on my blood sugars-shooting them up to over 400+ so far today.I took a little extra insulin,but so far it's not doing a thing to those numbers.FRUSTRATING.The hubby got take out again--I know he's trying to be nice and helpful so I won't have to put together a meal when I feel as CRAPPY as I do today,but LOL it's just one thing after another for me lately.My monthlies are approaching and I always put on a few pounds for that--and now I'm sick and it's cold again and I really can't get out like I wanted to.I really want to get Tinkie back out to the park again.She was out for a few mins today when I tried to take her to get her nails trimmed-didn't happen cause they didn't the extra techs to do it today,so we will have to try later in the week.But she was out on her leash for a few mins today and loved it.I did too.If it had only been warmer and I didn't feel like 'death warmed over' LOL.But that's how it goes down here pre-spring.Warm-cold-warm-cold-HOT-cold-FREEZING-warm-you get the idea.They say if you don't like the weather "wait 5 mins and it'll change"-well at least it's not tornado/hurricane weather yet.

I'm thinking about either a grilled cheese sandwich with some soup or peanut butter on a whole wheat "round" and maybe some orange slices.I have an appetite LOL guess that's good.Now just gotta figure out what I WANT TO/SHOULD eat.Grandpa will probably pull a can of soup out of the stash he has in his bedroom tonight and the hubby-well he's on his own.He has canned chili he can take for dinner at work tonight.


UPDATED about an hour later LOL

Well I made a Pear/chicken thigh strip/ramen noodle stir fry.I took some BRASWELL's pear marmilade I found a few weeks ago (surprisingly low sugar/low carb naturally).I added that to a few chicken thigh strips that I had to cook or risk losing-I thawed them yesterday with the intent of cooking them but I got to feeling bad and wated soup.So I cooked them today.I made ramen noodles for the kiddo-hoping he would eat them.I only ate about 1/3 of a serving of noodles so hopefully that wasn't too bad for me.They were quicker than the brown rice and served a purpose.I am sooo proud of myself-I didn't sample any of the tater tots that I made for the kiddo's supper too.AND I LOVE ME SOME FRIED TATERS! LOL TATER TOTS-FRENCH FRIES-HASH POTATOES-.I wanted to LOL but I didn't.I knew if I took one bite I'd have to cook more cause I'd hate eaten the whole place.I haven't seen how much the kiddo has eaten yet-he got in trouble for squirting a pouch of kool aid all over his bedroom floor.Thank goodness the floor isn't carpet! And he's not getting anymore koolaid.I learned a lesson when I caught my nephews eating the powdered kool aid straight from the container back in the 1990s-blah!They never got kool aid again!But the kiddo has been begging me for something new for him to drink and he was sick over the weekend so I relented....Should have listened to that wise old mommy voice that said "you know better than that".Not sure who I'll gift it to,but he's not getting anymore kool aid!Live and learn....and learn again.....that's life!

Monday, February 15, 2010

I swear my husband is trying to sabotage me

homemade chicken stock--garlic-ground turkey-ditalinni pasta-a few split peas-

.....LOL Sunday evening he gets a sweet tooth and wants papa john's "dessert" pizzas-you have to order like $10 to get an order so he orders two cinnapies and two of the chocolate pastry delights.While waiting for it to be delivered I check out the nutrition info online-OH BOY- on both it's like over 500calories and like 19g fat.I ate a small bite of the chocolate one cause I had never had it before-it was OK but not as good as it looks.I had a small strip of the cinnapie-oh boy it's delicious-too good...Wonder if I can come up with a healthy version at home?Gotta think on that one.They have an apple pie one and it's just as good as the cinnapie.MMM so good it's bad for ya.

I'm getting sick.It's usually around this time of year that I do too.I don't know if it's coming down off all the stresses of the holidays or what but every year around this time I'm usually sick.My son was sick over the weekend with a sore throat and slight fever.I HOPE the fever is gone.He is still complaining of a sore throat but he has sinus problems like I do so I'm hoping that's all it is.Mine feels like the beginnings of a sinus infection.If it gets much worse,I'll be into the drs office.I have a pedicure appointment friday morning-sure hope I'm better and don't have to misss that.

I made "hamburger steaks" with mashed potatoes and gravy for the guys for supper tonight.Hoping for a magical cure from homemade soup I put together a turkey-ditalinni-barley soup--made with homemade chicken stock I had stashed away in the freezer.I added a little garlic and more pepper-and it was awesome!I noticed that my stock stash is down to one container so I have to make more soon!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

weekend foods

diced red potatoes-I fried in a little canola oil and served with deer meat-kinda like a hash-YUMMMMM

"valentine" cupcakes I thought my child would decorate with me but I had to do it on my own

soaked and drained red beans-cooked until tender-added diced turkey kelbasa and brown rice

sliced zucchini sauted in a little butter,drained,and baked with a sprinkling of parmesan cheese

Valentine's Day

I don't know what it is about Valentine's Day now,but it just doesn't excite me anymore.Maybe it's the marriage factor or having a husband that isn't spontaneous-that goes to the store the day before valentine's day and buys the obligatory box of chocolates and dozen roses and just kinda says "HERE",like "ok,I'm off the hook now".LOL And it's not that I don't want flowers and candy from my sweetie,what woman doesn't,it's just that it was sort of a let down.Maybe in the presentation-maybe in the whole package you know.And I love my husband and have known him long enough to NOT expect any surprises from him-what you see is what you get LOL.I just think it was all a waste of money.

We had some romance during our whirlwind dating days,but that's another story.Now that we have been together almost 10 years,the most romance I get out of him is "is the door locked?" lol-seriously!

This year I got him a giant hershey kiss and a couple of cutsey, lovey-dovey cards and told him I was cooking a stead dinner "with the works" for our valentine's day.I'm going to have to do some thinking about how to tell him this without hurting his feelings--maybe I'll approach it as BTDT,next year let's try something just to figure out what LOL.....

Friday, February 12, 2010

Dieting and PMS--a rough mix

Almost at the 1month mark for doing WW,I think-will have to pull out my charts online to see for sure.This will be the first period since I've started dieting.A few months ago I started taking magnesium daily after reading that if taken daily that it will ease your monthly cramping.And I can attest to that.It has really helped.Now if I could find something to help with the general achines in the BOOBS and moodiess I'd be doing better.A few months ago I started to cut back on the caffeinated sodas that I drank and am now totally caffeine free at least with sodas. Until I started WW,I had drasticly cut back on the amount of sodas I drank daily.Now on a bad day I'll have maybe 2 sodas which is "OK" but I can do better.I need to switch to decaf tea,but will probably end up having to make two kinds or the hubby will go ballistic! It's really frustrating to watch the scale creep back up no matter what you do each month.I know it'll all be gone in about a week or so,but it is still hard to see.I haven't really had any cravings per say,but I have noticed my appetite has gone wild LOL.The husband says I turn into a wild woman.LOL I will say that some days,I agree with that.


Well,the local weather guys and gals got it right this time.We got snow!It was about 3-4" of it on our side of town.C O L D! After stalling half the day we took the kiddo out for a snowball fight and it lasted all of 5 mins when he discovered that snow is COLD.We went back in and after he settled down from that tantrum,his dad took him outside again-lasted about half an hour.He ran around in the snow-threw snowballs at his dad.Came back in with absolutely frozen fingers.He settled down a while after that and then started telling us how bad he felt.I pulled out the trusty thermometer and yep-low grade fever starting.He says his head hurts and his "nasal passages" burn,and that his throat hurts.(he's 7!) So I gave him some kiddie tylenol and he is in bed sound asleep and it's not even 8:30 yet.I hope we can make it through the weekend cause none of our drs/clinics are open.If he gets worse or fever spikes up we'd have to go to the e/r.Not a fun experience here-hours long waits.I avoid that at all cost! Either his dad or I will get out (if the roads aren't frozen back over) in the morning to hit the pharmacy a few blocks from our house for some kiddie sinus/cough/sore throat meds and probably more kiddie tylenol.

The husband just had to get out of the house this morning and got KFC for "lunch".I should have listened to my little voice saying NOPE-don't do it,but that fried chicken got me.A few hours later I was sick.Should have listened! LOL For supper I made Red Beans and Rice with turkey kelbasa.I made myself another chicken thigh strip shirataki noodle stir fry.I had to use the noodles before they went bad.It wasn't as good as it was yesterday--I was out of agave nectar and used a little honey to sweeten the teriyaki.But it sat better with my tummy than the fried chicken did. :) I saved myself some of the Red Beans and Rice for tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

busy week

This has been a busy week although I haven't gotten much of anything done.Took the kiddo to a sort of "kiddie church" night at the church right down the block from us.It was his first time to go to any sort of church.It was more of an activity time for the kids than anything else.OH,BOY!Total disaster.He wouldn't sit still,wasn't interested in the story.I'm not sure if it was the newness of the activity or being in a new place,or if ADD/ADHD is showing up at 7yrs old.We had him tested for a whole range of disorders about 2 yrs ago and the dr told us it just didn't fit him.And the past few weeks I'm beginning to wonder if she was right or what.SOMETHING is going on with my kid-just not sure what.I called our insurance company and got a couple of names of drs that test for that in our area.Now just gotta set something up.We're due for his yearly check up soon-have to remember to make that appointment.I'm going to get them to check his ears really well because I can be talking to him 3 feet away from him and it's like he doesn't hear me.Now whether he's getting that all too famous "male selective hearing" that all men have or whether he really can't hear me or if he's just tuning me out.

Kinda got out of the habit of posting my meals-but I am still doing the WW points thing--having mostly good days but some stressers pop up and it's sooo hard not to raid the chip drawer LOL.But I'm doing better.

Wednesday's supper
diet pepsi
1 pack shirataki noodles (YAY-get to eat the whole pack of something!)
chicken thighs stir fried with garlic and teryaki sauce and agave nectar
1 weight watchers giant latte ice cream bar--OOOOOOOH!!!!!! just one little point! LOL

During the shopping trip this time i picked up some pre-packaged ww items so I can have desserts or sides without blowing the points-just to make life easier for me....GOTTA get some more of those noodles and ice cream bars/treats. ;)

We're under a winter storm watch here in MS through tuesday unless they change the forecast.They are predicting up to 5" of snow for us---ARE YOU REAL!? We'll see what happens-a few weeks ago they were yelling and causing a stir about the same thing and we got NOTHING but icy cold temps--no snow!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday's Menu

Earlier in the day I put a couple of steaks into the crockpot with the intention of letting them cook down and shredding them and making "philly" cheesesteak sandwiches with them but when we got back from the play date,I just wasn't in the mood.I added a jar of green tomatilla salsa and made rice.That was the guy's supper.I picked up a rotisserie turkey breast and shredded that and ate it over brown rice for my supper.I also made some "bbq" chicken because I had a pack of chicken that I had to do something with.I made a sauce like what I had seen on food network last night and it turned out delish.I didn't have all the ingredients but my version was fabulous-something different.

yellow mustard
agave nectar or honey (my addition)
handful or two of brown sugar

I stirred it all together and cooked it down till it was thick and brushed it over the chicken as it baked.YUMMY-I'm always looking for tomato free bbq sauces since I'm allergic to tomatoes and this definately fits the bill.DELICIOUS!

The original sauce recipe called for garlic,onions,bellpeppers,and celery to be cooked and added to the sauce but my cubbards are a little bare LOL.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

It's a birthday cake......from scratch

I've only made 1 cake ever fully from scratch-that was a chocolate buttermilk cake I made for a sister's husband a few years ago (thinking about you John Nelson).It was delicious.Usually even for birthday cakes,I'll use a box mix because I'm usually so stressed around birthday time that it's just easier for me that way.This year,I decided to see if I could come up with a generally 'not too bad for me' birthday cake--CHOCOLATE mind you.And OH MY GOODNESS if this cake comes out 1/2 as tasty as the batter was I am never buying a chocolate cake mix again! The frosting recipe below is from the box of cake flour.I'm not sure if I am going to use it yet-hopefully I can find one that is more diabetic friendly.

Julie's Simple Chocolate Cake
1stick butter
2 1/4 cups light brown sugar
3eggs (or egg substitute equiv)
1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
3oz unsweet chocolate melted
2tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
2 1/4 cups Swans Down Cake Flour
1 cup sour cream (i used lite)
1cup boiling water
1sugar free box jellow pudding mix
**my switch-eroo was the pudding mix-the original recipe didn't call for it-in about 30mins I'll know if it was a good switch-eroo

preheat oven to 350*--prep your pans (either 2 9inch rounds or 1 big square pan)
in large mixing bowl-cream butter until smooth-add brown sugar and eggs-beat until
light and fluffy-beat in vanilla and chocolate-then baking soda and salt-add flour
alternately with the sour cream-beating until smooth-add the box of pudding mix-mixing well-pour in the boiling water-stirring with spoon until smooth-pour into pans and bake about 30 mins or until when
tested in middle it is done

Chocolate Buttercream Frosting
3 3/4 cups powder sugar
1stick of butter-softened
3-4tbs milk
1tsp vanilla extract
2oz unsweet chocolate-melted and cooled

combine in a large bowl,sugar,butter,milk and vanilla-beat at medium speed 1-2mins until it is creamy-add the chocolate and beat until well blended-if needed add more milk to reach the desired spreading consistancy you need.

Well I found a frosting recipe that is a little more diabetic friendly:
1 box of sugar free jellow pudding frosting-i used french vanilla
1cup cold milk
1 tup of sugar free/fat free cool whip

add all and mix in a large bowl-

**the original frosting recipe calls for powder sugar but i am ommitting-i think the pudding will make it sweet enough

having a pretty good morning spite of the fact that i have some housework to do today--sweeping,mopping,de-gunking the bathroom.Sunday is my weigh in day on weight watchers.I had a tough week so I was really surprised to see any weight loss this week.In all,I have lost 6pounds.That's averaging about 3pounds per week-pretty good.I still want to get to exercising more.This crazy weather isn't helping any.We have a pretty,sunny,warm day where I can take the kid and puppy out with me and then the next day it's absolutely FREEZING or RAINING-well that's winter in the South I guess.I got my hair highlighted yesterday and afterwards I walked about 20 minutes in the mall.That's about as much of the crazed crowds that I could take.All in all I'm pretty happy with the way things are going.Now,if we could only keep the family life that way too.I swear the inlaws will be the end of us.I guess I need to put those blinders on again and just focus on the husband,myself, and kiddo-kinda hard when you actually live with an inlaw,but that's life.My husband is the major caretaker for his aging,father.Believe me,it takes a toll on him personally and on us as a family.It would be somewhat easier if his dad wasn't in denial about the situation and his health issues-he likes to 'pretend' that he's the same as he was 30years ago,but he is not.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

preparing for a valentine homeschool party

Our homeschool group is having a valentine 'party'/get together for our kiddies this coming Monday.Our group includes kids with allergies,gluten free diets,diabetes,vegan diets,dye free and other dietary restrictions.I picked up some single serve hershey bars-still waiting on word if I need to pick up some other sort of treat for some goodie bags.Sheesh!! What a scrambled group we are LOL-not complaining,but my goodness that's alot to keep up with-especially if you aren't up to date with some nutrition information.I opted to bring the plates/cups/napkins/and silverware for the group since there was NO WAY I could come up with something edible with all those restrictions.I also got some valentine bubbles and puppy stickers to go into the goodie bags.I think I still need to hit the store again for a few things-I still haven't gotten my son or husband's valentine's surprises.I did get the cards for the hubbs-yes,2 cards because I can't ever make up my mind on just one-they are soooo cute lol.

Heading out to get my hair done in about an hour or so.Probably going to hit the craft store too since I'll be over that way.

Friday, February 5, 2010

busy busy friday

Earlier this week I had decided to get the kiddo out of the house and to one of our homeschooler get togethers for a PE DAY (few hours of games/fun)--wouldn't you know it--it rains like heck the day before and the morning of the get together.So needless to say it was a TOTAL WASHOUT!LOL Hopefully it will be warm enough and sunny enough where we can take the pooper and the kiddo to the park for some play and walking time.I'm getting my hair highlighted tomorrow-kind of a birthday treat for myself.My neice does hair and gives me a little discount-gotta love that one!I can't wait-I'll be out of the house for about 2 hours LOL no kid or hubby,what will I do?This has been a challenging week for me-at least for eating and stressing.Stress is a major cause for me to "eat anything in site".I didn't do too bad,but I did go over points about half the week.But picked up some salad fixings and other "good" things to eat.I picked up the things to make a chocolate cake from scratch-I'm going to see how I can "de-fat" it some so it won't be toooo terribly bad for me.I feel deprived that I haven't had a birthday cake yet! ;)

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Woke up to pretty flowers and birthday cards from zach and the hubbs this morning.It's so funny listening to a 7 yr old trying to sneak and SHHHH and think mom won't hear! The hubbs wanted to get me a cake from the store but I told him not to do it-since they don't cater to "sugar free" or even "low sugar" at the deli LOL.I would rather make my own and be able to enjoy it than eat something I know isn't good for me.It will taste better if I do it myself too.Now I just gotta get to the store and get the stuff to make it with.It's a yucky,rainy day here in East Central Mississippi today.And he has banned me from driving.Not really,but he doesn't want me out on the wet roads today.Makes sense and I know he's looking out for my safety,but I have soooo much that needs to be done today it's just not funny.I'm tempted to see if I can get it all done and be back in the house before he wakes up from his "coma" LOL.He hasn't gotten much sleep the past few days and he's in there snoring the roof down.But I guess we'll have to make do with what we have/don't have in the house today....unless I get a wild hair and sneak out!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


oh boy today was one of those days where you look at your kid and say "REALLY? Is this my kid? It can't be my kid!" We made the mistake of passing by the electronics department at walmart and he found an MP3 player he wanted-but they were out of the two that were priced the most "kid friendly".Meltdown over that-right in the middle of the store.I had an appointment with my neice to cut his hair this afternoon.We get there and he's bouncing off the walls in the salon while she's finishing another customer--a quite well behaved little boy I might add.When it's his turn,he just freaks out in the chair literally screaming and causing quite a scene in salon-right in the middle of the mall.I pay her the full price and got him out as quickly as I could.She is graciously coming over to our house tomorrow on her day off to finish cutting his hair for us.She said we wouldn't owe her anything but I'm going to pay her something anyway.These past few weeks it just seems like he's so EMOTIOINAL and WHINEY and just UNREAL that I don't know what to do.I am at my wits end.I've tried being more stern in our punishment.I've tried being less stern.I just don't know what to do.We have had him tested for the dreaded ADD/ADHD and even autism.They said he didn't fit all the symptoms for either.I am soooo stressed!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Big pot of chicken and rice

Monday I made chicken drumsticks in the crockpot using lipton onion soup mix.It had the whole house smelling good.The hubby wanted "happy husband chili" so I had to make something for myself and I was getting tired of quinoa LOL.Today I morphed the meat from the drumsticks into chicken and rice.I used some of the oniony broth and pulled the meat from the bones although it practically came off by itself.I used brown rice and made a huge batch.I'm going to take a bowl full to my sister of thursday when I go out to get my allergy shots.I skipped them last week and said I was going to go earlier in this week but it just didn't happen.Normally,I'd tease you with a nice photo of a big bowl of chicken and rice,but the camera isn't working tonight.


Well,today turned out to be a horrid day-very stressful.I took Zach and the Pooper to a local park to try and teach the Pooper how to walk on a leash without freaking out or wriggling out of her harness like she did the last time we tried this exercise.She did very well today.I didn't let her down to walk until she relaxed somewhat (yes,I've been watching the DOG WHISPERER) and this time she didn't fight the leash.We let her lead where she was interested in walking-and sniffing.We walked around a local soccer field about 4 times and then we walked around the kiddie playground area while Zach played a little while.I can see us doing this on a regular basis.I would like to get into the habit of getting up early and going out there so we could have the place to ourselves-exercise for all 3 of us-might even nag the hubby into coming along next time.

I've seen somewhat of an improvement in my blood sugars in the past two weeks since starting WW.Some mornings I'll wake up to low blood sugar actually-nothing to cause an emergency,but still low.I wish it would become a regular occurance.Slowly but surely.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday eatings

1bowl of cinnamon honeycomb cereal
1 whole wheat grilled cheese sandwich
iced tea w/equal

2 oscar mayer turkey hotdogs
2slices of white wheat bread
square of hersheybar w/almonds
iced tea w/equal
cauliflower pizza slice

caffeine free diet pepsi

1bulgar turkey burger with spicy mustard
a few bites of no yolks egg noodles
diced potato/onion sauteed in olive oil
iced tea w/equal


After declaring he was tired of eating beans and the "happy husband chili" over the weekend,low and behold,the husband asked for me to make it today--LOL--after he saw that I had taken out the dreaded CHICKEN to thaw for supper.He will do anything to get out of eating chicken-except for KFC chicken which he would gladly eat on a daily basis if he could.I had the thought of "bake/frying" half of it in the oven,but laziness got the best of me,and I put it all in the crockpot with some onion soup mix and sliced onions.Sounds good to me!

I always get crabby and moody around the time of my birthday.And this year is no exception.I don't know why-it's a subconscious thing-I don't decide OK there are 5 days till my birthday,let's get into a bad mood now!And it's not about turning whatever age either.I don't know what it is.My birthday is Thursday and I'll be 39-no shame in that....The husband brought me back 2 GIANT chocolate almond candy bars from the store today.(Thanks honey,but I am on a DIET remember?-I'm going to have to eat it square by square I guess)I said "do you think I need chocolate?" He grinned and said "yeah,you've been stressing and crabby".Poor thing-I'm really not mean to the poor guy-I swear! ;)