Saturday, August 28, 2010

notes...notes...and more notes...

For the past week we have been finishing up workbooks and I've been reading over some notes from THE WELL TRAINED MIND to help get us back into the swing of homeschooling this year.I'm going to try and do things as described in the book **mostly** and that will be a new "system" for us.So I'm jotting down points to cover in our studies and making lists of people we need to learn about in history and need to make a list of library books that will re-inforce what we're learning. ALOT of work,but I love it!

Also getting ready to go out to dinner with the hubby next saturday for our 9th wedding anniversary. Sept 1st is our anniversary but we can't get a sitter till that saturday-still haven't really made our choice of where to eat. In a town that is LITERALLY OVERFLOWING with restraunts,it's sad to say that most of them are still mainly fast food-even the "sit down" type restraunts. Hubby took off extra days next week for our anniversary,so he's only working 3 days. Still not sure what to get him-I've looked online and for the 9th year the "gift guides" say "pottery and willow" I guess I'll get him a coffee mug and a willow tree!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

still waiting

Still waiting..........The floor guys came and measured Monday and got our samples for what we want to put down when they re-do our floors. We picked a mahogany wood for most of the house,an brown italian tile for the kitchen, and grandpa wants carpet for his little nook/den area. They were supposed to get back with us with an estimate for how much $ damage it will be LOL the next day,but we're still waiting.....Hubby will try and call them back tomorrow. Going to get the car detailed tomorrow too-been wanting to for the past few months,but something always comes up and it doesn't get done,well tomorrow it is! Those guys are going to earn that $ LOL cause my kid has made a mess in the back seat. Hubby used to detail and keep his truck clean as a whistle but has gotten lazy with my car. I had an eye appointment today to have my eyes checked. I'd noticed that when I would play a game on my cell phone that things were blurry and that when I was reading sometimes I couldn't make out the words if I wasn't right at the book. Funny,the doc said my eyes were still almost perfect and that I just needed a little help when reading,so I'm getting reading glasses. Gotta love eye coverage-a $300+ eye exam plus glasses only cost me $16. LOVE IT!!! Now gotta make hubby an appointment. He's over due for an exam.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Something's gotta give.............

I am so tired of things needing to be "fixed" or "repaired" or "replaced" around the house. I mean SERIOUSLY. A few years ago we had to have the bathroom on our side of the house re-done-all but the sink area and I would like to have that done next. Now Fast-Forwarde to today. About 2 weeks ago we saw some bulges in our floors. We got to looking and they are in every room of the house (except the downstairs area and the laundry room area cause they have concrete floors). There is a huge BUCKLE/BULDGE in the kitchen and an even bigger one in the living room. The ones back in our bedrooms aren't that bad but they are there. Had one guy come in and tell us that if we put some plastic under the house with a fan that the floors could possibly go back down on there own. Well that was last week and hasn't happened. Really didn't think it would. Now we had another guy come yesterday and he actually went under the house. He came back out and told us that it wasn't a water/pipe leak but the "sub-flooring" was wet and that was what was pushing our main flooring up. Imagine that the incredible hulk is down under the house trying to push his way up through the floor. That's what it all looks like. So we called our insurance and they won't even send someone out to look at it-saying that they don't cover "moisture" damage-but if it had been a broken pipe now they would cover that. LOL funny they said the opposite when we had them look at our bathroom-we don't cover leaking pipe damage but if it had been moisture we would cover that. The hubby thinks they are BSing and trying to get out of covering whatever we send in. The only other option we have at the moment is to use some of the equity built up to do the repair. Called the bank to get that started and we have to get an appraisal done on the house. Hubby's been calling appraisers today and it'll run just under $500 for that....It never ends!!!! If we ever get to the point of having it done another problem comes up-where do we put all out furniture and stuff-told the hubby we're going to have to rent a storage unit or something because it's every freaking room of the house!!! And we're going to have to find a pet friendly/dog friendly place to crash while it's being done...LOVERLY-this just keeps getting better and better....AAAAAH where's a big oversized bottle of CALGON when a girl needs one? No,really,I'd much rather have a genie or magic wand so I could FFW a weeks and get this crap over with!!!!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

playing the waiting game

Well I called Zach's dr and she said the pediatrician would be the actual dr prescribing the meds for us,so I put a call into their office the other day. They only deal with these "issues" on certain days-like they do the yrly physicals.So the next opening they had for us was August 30. So we have about a month's wait! REALLY frustrating. I talked to a friend who has teen sons dealing with asperger's and other issues and she told me another place where she gets their meds,but I don't want it to seem like I'm switching doctors and it would be a hassle getting the medical records sent over there. I guess we'll play the waiting game and see how it goes and if I don't like how the pediatrician does the meds with us,I will use this other facility for the asperger's/adhd meds.

I survived the sleep study test Friday night and hubby and Zach got along well-zach was in bed before 10pm LOL-the hubby got off easy that night,let me tell you! The tech said that she couldn't "officially" give me any results but from what she's seen and what showed up usually means that they will want me to come back and do another sleep in with a CPAP machine. GREAT-they just don't know how big of a hassle it is for me to be away from home at night. I haven't decided if I'll do it,but I guess I will hear what the dr has to say about my results and take it from there. My sister has a CPAP but doesn't use it cause she says it's the most UNCOMFY thing in the world to her and she just won't use it. I know getting quality sleep is better for your health,but come on,we all snore-and my hubby does it worse than me-but getting HIM into do a test like that would be worse than pulling mule's teeth! LOL I keep telling him he should do it cause he really does stop breathing when he is on a snoring spree-he sounds like a mad bull moose sawing logs,let me tell you! LOL

And the house situation just keeps getting worse and worse. We had our bathroom done about 2 years ago-had a hole in the floor patched and the tub/shower replaced and the toilet moved over a littel from the tub. Now we are having problems with the floors buckling in several rooms. We had a guy come look at it last week and he put some stuff under the house to dry it out and is supposed to come back about September to see if the floors have gone down or gotten worse. Well he's coming back in a few days. A few weeks ago we had to re-cauk the bathtub/shower cause the cauking was coming off. I went into the bathroom the other day and the clear cauking had turned reddish brown-talk about FREAKING OUT! I have bleached the tub and scrubbed it soooo many times trying to get it off,but it keeps coming back. The hubby says that it's something behind the cauking (and probably shower walls too) causing it to do that so he thinks there's a leak in one of the pipes around the tub and if so that might be causing our flooring to buckle. That situation is REALLY PISSING ME OFF! (sorry) If we have to re-do the bathroom and the flooring OMGOSH I am going to go ballistic! I am not a happy camper right now LOL.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

well we talked to zach's dr about meds today.......

And she agreed that they might help in our situation. I didn't want to have to do it,but we desparately need some peace in our house. There is alot of yelling that I do not like and zach's temper has come out more. So I have to make an appointment with his pediatrician who will actually prescribe the meds. We need alot of good thoughts to help us get through this. I hope this first set of meds will help and we won't be jumping from one meds to another for weeks and months till we land on one that works. I dread this,but I am trying to be hopeful that this will help us and zachary.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

might be taking a few college classes.............

MAYBE-------Been toying with the idea for a while now and a few of my girlfriends from highschool are now going back to get the college education they didn't get earlier in life so I said "OK WHY NOT ME TOO?" I'm not sure I want to go for a full blown degree,but there are some classes that I've always wanted to study.World Civilization-World History-Ancient History-World Religions-Creative Writing.I've had this novel "in my head" and in a ton of notebooks that I've been writing on since I was a teenager.WRITING literally saved my life when I was a teen-when I was going through some bad situations.Then after high school LIFE happened and I went to work-I still kept writing on it and changing and coming up with new story lines and doubting myself LOL.And then later in life FAMILY happened.Each new year I make the same old resolution to either WRITE IT or BURN IT LOL. Haven't burned my notes yet LOL,so I've decided to finally try and get it all sorted out and on paper.I HOPE LOL. And about the college classes,I put a phone call into an advisor today to see what all it entails and how much it would cost to take a couple of classes online. I hope it's feesable. I'd be homeschooling my son during the day and then once we were finished with his studies I would do mine.I would only take 1-2 classes at a time because I don't think I could handle much more and again I'm not sure if I'm going for a degree-I just want to further my education in a few areas. The more I think about it,the more excited I get.I mentioned it to the hubby a few days ago but I don't really think he was paying attention to me so when he comes home from work in the morning he's going to get an earful LOL.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's been a while............

Gosh-the past few weeks have been super busy. Zach and I both were sick with sinus infections over a month ago and things just snowballed from there. The hubby's dad has had problems with not being able to feel one of his arms-at one time he had dr visits every day for a week-and then surgery. Well he had another surgery this past friday.Hopefully this will fix whatever is wrong.Going to the drs everyday with him is getting to my hubby--it's draining. Zach was supposed to have swimming lessons this past week also but he has had a lingering cough that just will NOT go away.It started around the 17th of this month. I called the drs office and they didn't want him to come in unless fever went over 102*. After about 2 weeks I took him in anyway and the dr we saw said either reflux or ashtma. So we are treating with reflux meds-I've seen a small improvement but he still has the cough at night. It's so bad that he will wake up in the middle of the night coughing to the point of almost getting sick. That's draining on both him and ME. I made an appt at the asthma/allergy clinic to have him tested for asthma this coming week. I'm thinking they might even go ahead and do the allergy testing,so I've tried to explain what might happen to zach and to get him OK with it just in case. He has a dentist appointment tomorrow morning to have the sealant put on his teeth that is supposed to prevent cavities. Thank goodness insurance covers at 100% for us. I'll only have to pay $7 from what was left over at his last cleaning appt. Then Friday I have to go into the sleep study clinic at 8pm and spend the night. LOVERLY! LOL I dread it. Since I've been using the at home oxygen machine out electric bill has jumped $200. Now there is also a HEAT WAVE going on in the deep south,so I'm not sure which culprit is to blame. I could tell it was working and felt more relaxed and slept somewhat better after first using the oxygen at night,but now I can't. This will be a BIG adventure for zach and dad. Mom has always been the one to put the kiddo to bed and to tuck him in and get him to sleep at night-daddy has worked nights almost all of zach's life LOL (few breaks in between months but he works mainly nights). Zach thinks of daddy as "time to play" lol and minds me a little better-at least at bedtime.

Zach's been going monthly to see DR COOPER (our behavior specialist) for his asperger's. I can see some changes-but he still has a quick temper and boy when it flares up,you better watch out! And he is still impulsive about crazy things-the other day I found him playing in the bathroom squirting water from a bottle onto the mirror and floor. OMGOODNESS! what a mess I had. Tantrums are becoming less--in a good week LOL--but they still happen. Next dr visit I might ask if there are any meds we can try that might help level off his temper and some other things. Or if she thinks he needs any. Still really torn about it-don't want to medicate but some days it just wears the both of us out I think-both zach and me.

Well it's August.We're going to be getting back into the swing of homeschooling in a few weeks.Now we are stocking up on those 25cent notebooks lol. I want to get a few bookcases and we will be all ready I think. Zach doesn't play with toys-he likes electronic video games,ipods,cell phones,etc--so a few weeks ago I got rid of some of the clutter in his room and threw the toybox out.It was a catch all for trash that he was too lazy to take to the garbage can anyway. His room is a little better. He needs a new dresser too,so maybe I can find a good deal. I plan on really changing his room around in either December or January when I am going to get him a sofa bed and get rid of the "loft" bed that he has now. He'll have something to sit on and a bed included. I think that will actually work for us and get him into his own room some nights.

This coming week,the weather man predicted 3 digit numbers for our temps and with matching 100*+ heat indexes. I can't tell you how ready I am for a good 30* cold snap--SERIOUSLY! I'm also ready to decorate for fall. I can feel the changes starting-I'm ready to bake,craft,and pull out all my cute little fall decorations. I hate that I have a few more weeks to wait LOL but I am soooo ready to see little pumpkins out on porches and see cute little scarecrows decorating doorways!