Tuesday, May 25, 2010

another busy week

Well,it looks like I've jumped right into another busy week.On a good note,the scales say I'm down 5pounds in about a week and a half.I'm hoping it's PROGRESS and not just a fluke-haven't really been able to exercise much because of the blood sugars but I am still taking poopy out for short walks 2-3 times a day.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

new blog

I'm starting a new blog to chronicle our adventures in homeschooling my son.It's not really filled with much at the moment,but soon we plan on adding lots of fun things.....

so much for good intensions

Last week was kind of a set back-at least emotionally for me.I've been struggling with high blood sugar levels probably since back last year-whenever I'd get them under control,I'd get sick (usually with a sinus infection) and have to go on meds which would then cause the blood sugars to SKY ROCKET for as long as I was on the meds.It's been a real blood sugar roller coaster.Well,last week I decided I was going to get them down no matter what-I counted carbs like a mad woman and it still was high.And I had been doing good exercising every day till the high blood sugars took over.When blood sugars get to a certain point (for me 300+) if I exercise,they go even higher.So I wasn't able to exercise all week-except for leg lifts.I did a TON of leg lifts LOL.Friday,I had had enough and put a call into the drs office and asked if I could add another dose of one of my meds.The dr called in a stronger medicine.So this is my first day on it,we'll see what happens.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Quickie update........a new week....

Sorry for not posting last week-had a full agenda with visits to the dentist and allergy dr for the kiddo and a full week of trying to keep up with the laundry and trying to stay sane LOL.After a 2 week break from our homeschool studies,I think the boredome has set in for my son. LOL We will start again next week but at a more relaxed pace than normal (since it is summer break). Zachary went swimming at with one of our friends friday and had an absolute blast! He has never been in a BIG POOL-just the kiddie blow up pools that we have had in the backyard every summer LOL. He really surprised us at how quickly he acclimated to the water.Once we showed him how to lay/float in an innertube,he was all set.He was trying to sneak over to the deeper end by the time we left--he was getting brave! We missed the deadline to sign up for swimming lessons both at the local park and at "college for kids".A friend gave me the email of a local swim coach so I'm hoping she can set us up with someone reliable-still haven't heard back from her. As for exercise last week,I did pretty well-alot of leg lifts and walks with the dog. The menu was ok till the end of the week and with the hubby off work for 4 days it kinda went down hill--not that I ate badly,I just ate more than usual. So it's back on the wagon for me bright and early Monday morning....Anyone else's husband drive them as batty as mine does sometimes? ;)

Monday, May 10, 2010

FOOD LOG May 10-16

Monday------ended up being 2points over my WW daily
iced tea w/splenda
Weight Watchers Smart Ones Egg and Cheese English Muffin
1/2 apple
few pita chips

few pita chips
Ranch chicken salad

few whole grain cheez its
pita chips
diet sunkist

Diet Coke
Asian Chicken salad
Smart Ones Egg and Cheese English Muffin

water (crystal light hunger satisfaction strawberry/banana)

May 11
diet coke
weight watchers smart ones egg/cheese english muffin

ranch chicken salad
peanut butter on whole wheat deli round
crystal light green tea with honey lemon

8oz diet coke FREE
oat revolution strawberry oatmeal
1 pepperidge farm deli round with peanut butter

iced tea/equal
weight watchers smart ones tuna noodle gratin
1 pepperidge farm deli round with peanut butter

late snack
1 pepperidge farm deli round with peanut butter

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Weekly Exercise BLOG May 9th -May 16th 2010

May 9th
Leg Lifts
30mins light walk around yard with dog

May 10
60mins light walking around store
30mins light walking with dog
30mins light walking with dog

May 11
20 mins on bike (4.25miles)
30mins on bike (6.34miles)
30min walk with dog
30min walk with dog

Saturday, May 8, 2010


In the past few days I've eaten about 5 salads! And I'm really enjoying it. My basic "chicken" salad recipe is as follows:

Take either a lean chicken breast,chicken tender,or breast strips and "braise" (boil) in low sodium,low fat,NO MSG chicken broth until they are fully cooked.I add salt,pepper and garlic. I either chop them into bite size pieces or shred the chicken-depending on my mood. I then add whatever type of shredded cheese (low fat) that I have on hand and add that to a big bowl of hearts of romaine lettuce.If I have it on hand I will add broccoli or cauliflower florets (or both like I did at supper today).I will then add whatever dressing suits my fancy.Lately I've been wanting ranch. Instead of croutons,I will either crunch up a few pita crispy chips and add to the salad or just eat the pita crisps on the side.This has been my lunch and supper today and it can be really filling.

What is your fave salad? What is your fave dressing?


I've been using garlic for a while in cooking. I can't usually find any GOOD LOOKING fresh garlic in the stores around here (they all look dried up and yucky),so I have been using the pre-minced garlic in jars.It has been suiting my needs until the last jar.It just wasn't good eats-BLAH. So a few weeks ago,I started buying the pre-peeled in the jars.That has done better,except I can't ever chop/mince it small enough for my liking.Today I got a garlic press. I AM SO EXCITED!

Friday, May 7, 2010

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY----------EARLY.......

pretty heart necklace with pink stones--chain is too short so hubby's gotta get me a longer one.....

calla lillies-I got matching pots for each side of the porch....and a big bushy green fern (pic wouldn't upload)

pretty cake-zachary couldn't wait to dive into it!

The kiddo's good mood quickly turned FOUL this afternoon after we came home from shopping at Sam's,so after a quick bite to eat,I made him lay down for a time to settle down and of course he fell asleep-mom did too.The hubby took this time to go out shopping for mother's day-even though I told him that I wanted him to take Zachary WITH HIM this year. It's always cute to see Zach try to sneak in the other room with daddy to sign the mother's day card and to then bring in whatever the present is with a big grin.This year it was a pretty pink cake along with flowers and a necklace from the hubby. LOL Doesn't this man know I'm on a diet? and trying to avoid SUGAR? LOL I think he bought the cake so he could eat it too LOL.HMMMM It's pretty and yes I love all the gifts....The hubby--he means

After that huge breakfast fiasco LOL,lunch was a grilled chicken salad.Supper was a a braised chicken salad with an apple and a few pita chips instead of croutons.I think I did pretty good.I'm going to get another bike workout in--it's almost 90degrees out there today in East Central Mississippi....ICK HOT!!! GOTTA LOVE THE a/c.

Fabulous Friday

At least I hope it's a fabulous Friday LOL..Kiddo seems to be in a better mood at least...Gotta get up and get moving this morning and go to Sam's..We need groceries LOL! Haven't decided if I'm going to make it a double hit and go to WM this afternoon too-depends on how much energy I have. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday Morning.......NOT!

LOL woke up to a delightfully,grumpy little kid this morning---he's always MR ATTITUDE in the mornings....SHEESH!!! I need a vacation this morning!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

a Tuesday in May

We had our "end of year" homeschool party today. A few of the families were going out of town in the next few weeks so this was the best time to have it where everyone could attend. It was fun--fun games,funny kids, great food and company. It was a great day. Could have been about 20-30 degrees cooler for my taste LOL but it there was a nice breeze blowing,so it really didn't feel that hot. Zachary got over heated,but with his fair complexion it's easy to do. On the way home he said he was tired. When we got home,I got him into the tub and he cooled down and played. On the way home,he also asked if we were having a summer. I knew that was coming! LOL he's figured out that summer means NO SCHOOL/HOMEWORK! LOL Well, we homeschool all year,but we definately slow things down a bit during summer and do it at a slower pace. I knew I was going to be in trouble when he found out the TRUE MEANING OF SUMMER LOL!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Other Happenings........

Guess I have alot to blog about today. I had my yearly gynocologist visit last week--fun fun. Hate the whole idea of it,but I have a fabulous doctor. Dr Nelson makes things comfortable for her patients,she LISTENS to them if they have questions,concerns,she ASKS them about things other than what's going on in the exam room (family life) and really listens. She treats just about all of the gals (old and young) in my family. She's more like a friend. She helped me through a very dangerous,difficult pregnancy and I really like her. My son is one of her favorite deliveries. She gets pics of all the babies she delivers and likes to keep up with them over the years. She has pics of tons of babies all over her office,but she has like TONS of my son. I hear from friends and family all the time saying "oh I just saw Dr Nelson the other day and saw a pic of your son". Guess he made an impression on her when he peed on her after she delivered him LOL. She was pregnant with her first son when I was pregnant with Zachary. They were supposed to be born within weeks of each other,but Zach ended up coming 2 months early.

OK,back to the dr visit. **SIGH** She wants to send me to an cardiologist. Heart disease runs rampant in the family tree. I'm on medication for both blood pressure and cholesterol and of course diabetes. The blood pressure gave us alot of problems during pregnancy,but has been good in the years after. And I'm not having any problems with heart issues,but she said because of my age (made me feel old **sniff sniff**) LOL and because of family history that she wanted me to see the cardiologist. Makes sense-but still scares the crap out of me. I know Dr Rodriguez is going to run a battery of tests and I just dread all that. My first visit will be in June.And I know one of the first things she's going to tell me is that I need to lose about 80pounds. Easier said than done. I did join WW a few months ago and lost about 6-8pounds but with each monthly cycle,some of that lovely weight gain we all get at that time stayed around. I know I need to get tighter with watching my points and sticking to the exercising every day,but it just gets so darn frustrating to work so hard and not see any progress or loss....and I know in part it's the insulin that makes losing weight that more's like a no-win situation.....

Sunday--Sunday-a stormy Sunday

Just because it was Sunday and just because the marshmallows were buy 1 get 1 free at the store the other day LOL,today I made strawberry rice krispy treats. I tried to get kiddo to help me,but he was more interested in Grandpa than helping mom in the kitchen.

Zach is happy as a clam because his laptop came back a few days ago.We had to send it off to be repaired.

WOW! It's been a week since I blogged,hasn't it? I've had the intentions,but other things just kept coming up. Today's been a bit more laid back (at least the late afternoon has). Last week,we had an appointment with a pediatric behavior specialist. We had testing done a few months before to see if Zachary's behavior would fall into the add/adhd category-which it did. He also has very mild asperger's syndrome. Even though I was expecting to hear it,it still hurt my soul a little. I know-I know,it's not the end of the world and won't affect my son's health,it still hurt to hear those results. We're not going to go the medication route-at least for now. We're basicly going to try behavior modification "therapy". Which means I have to do some things at home with him-like if he has a tantrum it will have a certain consequence. If he has any other sort of unappropriate behavior another consequence will happen. And then every 2 weeks we will go to her office where she will have play "sessions" with Zach-which will basicly be behavior modification too. Kinda nervous about that cause mom's not invited to those sessions usually LOL. (Can you tell I'm an over-protective mom?) That whole "hearing" the results and letting it sink in has really been draining on me. I have been sick since April 22nd. I ended up going to the dr and getting antibiotics for a sinus infection. The next day,Zach was at his dr with basicly the same thing. Another thing to drain away my energy. We're both over it (thank goodness).

I splurged a little bit the other day and got an electric ice cream/sorbet maker.We have an old electric one but it's soo messy and loud and I've been wanting one of those nice ones on FoodNetwork like when Emeril makes a fancy sorbet.It wasn't a big splurge-just $28,but for me it's a splurge. LOL Funny how the hubby's idea of a splurge and my idea are sooo different. His idea is to spend hundreds of dollars on guns or amo and mine can be as cheap as a new kind of make up I've been wanting to try-or an ice cream maker LOL. I can't wait to try it out. I've got an idea of using vanilla soy milk and seeing how it comes out. This model says it can make it in 15mins. YUM.

On the schooling front,we're trying to play catch up and finish a few workbooks before we start the 2nd grade studies. I ordered a great "kiddie" microscope and it came in yesterday. Zach is already "itching" to pull it out and explore all the slides that came with it. All the workbooks for 2nd grade that I ordered have come in too,thank goodness. I think we're all set-supply wise,but I can't wait till all the supplies go on sale in a few weeks--love all those 25cent notebooks and pencils!
Our homeschool group is doing a party Tuesday to celebrate the ending of the school year. Zach doesn't really know what a summer break is-since we homeschool year round. We take breaks as needed. I think if he found out that other kids had like 2 1/2 months off school for summer that might be dangerous! LOL

The front yard is looking really good. Grandpa handed me $200 the other day to get flowers for the yard with. Our yard really needed it too. I got 4 azalea bushes-we think they are all PINK. I got a blue hydrangea bush to go with the pink one I planted in the yard a few weeks ago. I got a flat of Gerber Daisies and other Dasies that my son helped pick out. I got a blue bush that I think is called a PLUMBAGO. I got two hot pink little flowers that I hope will run up the little bamboo arch that they were planted with. They look like hibiscus but aren't. If I can remember the name,I'll update LOL. I got something I call "spider grass"-it's a tall grassy plant that has little purple flowers. I might get more of that to fill in the bare spots in the flower beds. I just love the purple flowers. I got two pothos plants to go in a hanging basket on the front porch. I went to a little plant shop that is on the route that hubby takes to work--PLANT THE EARTH. They have just about every flower/plant you could ever want! I just hope it all lives LOL. There is just one bare spot in front of the house that needs to be filled with some color. The guys are putting new soil down for me and I'm waiting till that's finished before I add more flowers. I already have picked out what I want to go in that spot. We also got an ELECTROLUX HE washing machine-the only color at the store that day was red LOL. So I have a red washing machine. We're going to get the matching dryer in a few days. Our other washer/dryer wasn't old-probably 2yrs old at the most,but Grandpa wanted to upgrade things and is even talking about a new dishwasher. I think he's seen some things about how the newest appliances are more energy effecient. Pics coming soon......