Thursday, December 31, 2009


I hope everyone has a festive New Year'S Eve-and a safe one.For goodnesss sake DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE-stay home if you must imbibe or if you are going to a party,get a driver.I hope 2010 brings good health,happiness,inner peace and prosperity to everyone. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Monday, December 28, 2009


If there is anything on the floor she's not supposed to have (small toys,candy wrappers,paper),my dog will find it hands down!For the past few months instead of prying it outta her mouth,I've been training her to give it to me for treats.LOL Now it's like she will bring it to me for a treat-a mint candy wrapper,a broken pen top,LOL whatever she can find she will bring it to me and wait for a treat! Now if only I could teach her to do laundry. LOL I love my doggie!

Thursday, December 24, 2009



Thursday, December 17, 2009

thanks for posting a response

Obviously you can read my postings-but I can NOT read yours if you do NOT post in ENGLISH.I appreciate your reply but sadly can't read it.Please post in ENGLISH to my blog.Thank you.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Countdown to Christmas

Well the party went well---Even though there was a hitch or two along the way LOL.If you look close at the bone cake you will see the #6 birthday candle--all fine and dandy right? It would have been if my kid wasn't 7! I can NOT believe that noone caught it or said anything-not even my son.I guess he was so caught up in the moment of blowing out the candle and the excitement of the party that he it just didn't click.I guess somehow we had a 6 and 7 birthday candle.That's a definately memory book story-LOL I'll tell him he was "blowing away" his 6th year or something like that LOL-make it sound philosophical.The kids had fun-pin the tail on the puppy game was a hit.It was a nasty,chilly,rainy day so we couldn't play outside,but the kids had a blast anyway.I love the company and the kids but I am really really really glad it's all over.I need a double dose of CALGON!

I'm supposed to have a get together Saturday with a girlfriend and her little boy so the kids can exchange christmas presents and play a little while.Then Sunday 3 of my sisters are coming to my house for tea or coffee and snacks.I'm thinking finger sandwiches and little party crackers and cookies.I'm going to try to do those little cocktail weinies in the crockpot if I can come up with a fancy little sauce.I can't do anything with tomatoes cause I"m allergic so I will have to get creative.I found some made out of TURKEY this year-and the are delish.I've already "sampled" two packages.

Then the next week I have to find a day to go out and see family.Then it's christmas dinner at our house.Just zachary,myself,hubby,and his dad.I can't believe it's so close to Christmas! December has just flown by.Every year I say I'm not going to get stressed but I do.I think that's going to be a new year's resolution for me---to not stress so much.I got a new yoga dvd to do with zachary.I think I'm going to look at their website and find another couple.I'm also going to make more ME time next year-I've already warned the hubbs that I'm going to be going to the salon for manis/pedis every two weeks.It's really more affordable that I had thought and it's just a few blocks from our house.I deserve it!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

day of party

The "infamous" 6 candle on my 7 yr old's cake.......can't believe I did that and noone said anything!

I always do two cakes for our parties-one for the kids and then one that has less sugar for the adults.I used a devil food's box cake mix and made the frosting with cream cheese,powdered sugar,cocoa powder and splenda.YUM.

Box mix strawberry cake with ready-made frosting.I used a cookie cutter and blue fondant to make the bones.It was my first time working with fondant so I was afraid it wouldn't work but it turned out easier than I expected.I can't wait to experiment with fondant again.OOOOH all the cakes I can create using fondant! Zach saw it a few mins ago and loved it and is begging to cut into it-trying to hold him off till party time though.

Friday, December 11, 2009

in about 24 son will be 7yrs old

GOSH-where have those 7 yrs gone? He was born about 8 weeks early weighing 4 1/2 pounds.He was in NICU for 21 days.Amazing to see him now you would never know that.He's a happy,healthy,vibrant 7 yr old little boy.He is tall for his age.He must get that from my 6'1" sister--cause I'm barely 5'2".

For his cake tomorrow I plan on making a strawberry cake with strawberry frosing (per his request LOL)--and hopefully I'll be able to roll out some fondant and cut out some doggie bones and other doggie shapes and decorate the cake with them.I plan on making doggie bone cookies too.But you know how plans go sometimes.I'm going to bake the cakes tonight and depending on how I feel after they are cool either decorate them tonight or saturday morning like I usually do.We'll see.Right now I'm taking a break from housecleaning-I've gotten half the house mopped and freshened.I will do the kitchen and the bathroom last thing tonight so they will still be "company clean" tomorrow.It's supposed to be raining so I hope that doesn't keep the kiddies away.Just talked to one "grandma" and both of her little ones are sick with dental problems and ear infections so not sure they will be able to come--totally understandable.There's nothing worse for a 2yr old than an ear infection that just won't quit.From what I understand,Conner has had ear infection problems this whole year-including having a set of tubes put in--Poor thing.And Chandler has had dental issues.Poor sweetie.She is adorable.
I've managed to get 2 gifts wrapped and haven't decided if another will be for birthday or from santa.I'll have to think on that a bit.It's a plushie dalmation puppy-so it would go well for birthday but thing it would be even cuter sitting under the christmas tree christmas morning.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Count down to birthday.....

My son will be 7 years old saturday. In 2 1/2 days 5 4-8yr olds will invade my house looking for cake and ice cream and party games. I AM NOT READY! I've thought about cancelling but that would not sit will with my son.So I've gotta trudge along and get the house cleaned,get his cake made (2nd yr in a row he's requested strawberry),make the cake for the grown ups.Not going from scratch except for the icing on the grown ups cake.I just don't have the energy this year.The theme is puppies.So we are going to play "pin the tail on the pup" and pin the spot on the pup (dalmation).BIG BIG BIG thanks goes out to my very talented nephew for drawing out the dalmation.I can't draw a straight line with a ruler! I wish he would pursue his talent-this young man can draw just about anything he wants! Today we got the tv in his room hooked up to cable as part of his birthday present.He's very excited about being able to watch cartoons in his room.**sigh** Then after the birthday party I have another party with 3 of my sisters that next weekend and another small get together with a friend and her son and then in a few days it'll be CHRISTMAS.I have a few more items to pick up and we'll be done.December always is stressful for me-even though each year I tell my self don't worry,it'll all take care of itself,I still manage to get stressed.