Wednesday, March 31, 2010

playdate wednesday

We had another impromptu playdate today at the church playground just down the block from our house. The ladies again saved me from the drudgery of laundry LOL. The hubby did the laundry for me and the kiddo and I went off to play.(Hubby's a keeper!) There was a nice breeze blowing,but it still got HOT-we need some more shade at that playground! It was definately a sun-screen type of day.I am going to put together a "playdate" bag filled with little things we need like SUNSCREEN,wipes,SUNGLASSES,a blanket or towel to sit on and keep in the car,so if a playdate ensues,I won't have to rush around trying to remember it all.

For supper,the guys had enchilada casserole from the freezer and I had a veggie "chicken" burger and an apple. It was surprisingly filling. I got a box of goodies in the mail today.A cookbook book club invited me to join again so I jumped at it.I love books-cook books especially.I have a huge plastic bin filled with nothing but cookbooks-I so need to get another book case for the living room-hint hint hubby! I got the Pioneer Woman cookbook,The Moosewood Restraunt cookbook for health (vegan),a book about backyard veggie gardening (hoping to learn some tips and tricks), and the Rachael Ray Big Orange Book that was a free gift. One book was on back order so hopefully it will be in soon.Sadly,there aren't alot of vegan/vegetarian cookbooks in the club's offerings.Hopefully,that will change.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

a lazy saturday in march

Today I was as "unproductive" as I could be.I did end up making lunch-supper's going to be "fend for yourself".There are plenty of leftovers in the fridge for the guys to scrounge through and come up with something edible.Zach is trying to talk me into making him some tater tots.The hubby's been doing laundry (washing/drying)-and I will put it all up tomorrow.Late this afternoon we took Zach down to the church playgroud to play.Grandpa's got some garden experiments going in the back yard and zach wants to run through it all.

YAY! My new skechers came in.I'm so excited.They feel just as great as the other ones do,but I really haven't tested them out yet.I just tried them on to make sure they fit.I saw a story on the news a few nights ago about a charity taking up "gently worn" shoes at our local mall.I'm going to bag up the 4 pairs of "old" tennis shoes that I have and no longer wear and drop them off at the mall the next time I'm there.

Hopefully,we will get out to the big park (planet playground) in the morning to walk Tinkie and let Zach play some more.Depends on what the weather's doing.It's really windy today so it might be blowing in some rain....We'll see.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


My son is soooo enamored with his music teacher.Her name is Julie also.He says she is "the prettiest girl in the world". LOL He told me this morning that he wanted to wear his "church shirt" to music class next week.He wants her to tell him that he is "beautiful" too.My son has always been a "ladies man".

Dinner tonight for the guys will be spaghetti.Not sure what I'll eat.I have some chicken thigh strips in the freezer.I usually eat them over noodles with some sort of sauce.It's quick and easy and good so that will probably be what I will do.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday Play date

Got up this morning and saw a post that said our homeschool group was getting together for playdate at the church down the block from my house-so I had to go LOL. Zachary needed to get out in the fresh air and nice sunshine and play with his friends. Blew my morning of house work that I had planned LOL but it was worth it--I really didn't want to do housework anyway! Zach got to slide and play "cops" and run and play. Mom got to sit and chat with a great bunch of moms. We have a great group-a real varied group. The hubby got bored at home and walked down to the play area to see what we were up to,so we gave him a ride back home. Zachary is soaking away in the tub singing some of the songs he's learned from KINDERMUSIK! As much as I hate to LOL,I have to get up and do some laundry and wait on a call back from our dr-she has the results of the add/adhd tests back and wants to set up an appointment to discuss them and possible treatments.....I really dread this part...........

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Well today was the first "official" kindermusik class for Zachary.It was about an hour.I went back home for a few mins and went back for the parent part of the class at the end.This was the first time he's been "away" from us-as in with another person IN CHARGE since the pre-school fiasco.(when needed we use granny as a baby sitter)For my readers who don't know,we tried pre-school (even though I knew back then that I was going to home-school him)about 3 1/2 yrs ago.It lasted maybe 4 days I think.The teacher just wasn't ready for my INTENSE,curious child.She said he was just uncontrollable.Zach still talks about how he "didn't like" how the teacher treated him-my poor baby.The music teacher said he participated well and listened and was very helpful today.And from the few mins I got to see of the class,I think he will enjoy the future classes.It's held weekly at a church that is about a half a block away from our house-love that.So as the weather gets prettier,we might just walk to music class each week.

Monday, March 22, 2010

I love my shoes!

I had been looking in my shoe catalog (masseys) for these particular shoes for a while.It showed they had them but not in my size or the color I wanted.One day I got
a new catalog in the mail and it showed they were in stock in the catalog but not online,so I took a chance and called.They had what I wanted--still not sure why it wasn't showing up online.Anyway,I ordered a pair.I'd seen the commercials and was skeptical about it all.And let me say this-I have never in my life paid more than $60 for a pair of tennis shoes.But I just ordered my second pair of Skechers Shape-ups today.I love these shoes.They are the MOST COMFORTABLE shoes I've ever worn-even though my nephews and husband laugh at me and say they look funny-NO THEY DO NOT!!People stop me all the time and ask how I like my shoes and I tell them the same thing.I LOVE MY SKECHERS SHAPE-UPS! LOL I really really do.Since I got my first pair back in January,these are the only tennis shoes I've worn.I am going to find someone that wears my size and give away all my other sneakers! I can't wait till my ne pair comes in.Thankfully,with my catalog I can pay a low monthly price (no interest) and not shell out the full price today.That is very helpful.Now if only I could find some good kiddie shoes in the catalog! ;)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Made my first Vegan Recipe today

My first batch of Lentil Loaf is in the oven baking away.I hope it turns out LOL.This is the first vegan recipe I've done.My son has stolen all of my camera batteries,so there will be no pics-at least until I get more batteries LOL.Basicly you cook the lentils and rice-add whatever spices you like,blend it all together with a few breadcrumbs to bind it all and bake it in a loaf pan until it's browned.That is going to be my supper.If it turns out good LOL I might even whip up a batch of quickie mashed potatoes.The guys got an oven baked roast with potatoes today.

**At the link below,there is a fun video of EMERIL making his version of a lentil loaf-but he uses eggs.I didn't.The recipe I had didn't call for eggs-and since I'm trying to inch my way into the vegan life,I didn't use it.I made a very basic,simple loaf-my spice rach is getting bare too.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Hit the bookstore today...........

Boy,bookstores can be dangerous for me.LOL I could go BROKE buying books-I love to read and just love books.It's great to see my son does too.When he was little,I read somewhere that if you want your child to grow up "reading" that you should clutter his room with books-and we did.It always does my heart good to go check on him and find him sitting quietly in his room with literally every book pulled off the shelf and him sitting in the middle of them happily,quietly reading or looking at a book.He has always done that from when he was big enough to topple the crate we first kept his books in and still does it now that he's 7.

OK back to my finds.I picked up 3 books today:
Sherri Linsenback

I've flipped through them all,but have started really reading THE KIND DIET.It's very interesting-has alot of great info in it.I'm not sure I can go fully vegan,but I am going to add more fruits,veggies,and more plant based foods to my diet.Who knows-I just might go vegan. HEE HEE HEE--SHHHH haven't told the hubby yet. LOL If it will make me feel as good as described in the book-compared to how "some foods" in my diet are making me feel now now it might be worth it. LOL

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wednesday is it?

For some reason, I woke up feeling like it was Thursday--wishful thinking I guess.Didn't have any plans to get out,but the kiddo got dressed on his own-without me having to threaten his very life LOL and I decided we needed to replenish our fruit stock,so we headed out to WinnDixie-the kiddo wanted to go to Walmart,but I told him we will go Friday.I love--love 'PACIFIC ROSE' apples.They are just so much tastier than the other ones.I loaded up on them and got some "gala" apples for grandpa.I got some red and green grapes.I swear both were labeled SEEDLESS,but I found out back at home that the red ones were not.The red ones are HUGE-I've never seen grapes that large.They are ok but I was kinda disappointed in the grapes.The ones we had at the St Patty's day homeschool party were sooo much better.I'll have to find out where she got her grapes LOL! ;)

Supper today was a maple-bourbon glazed pork tenderloin with brussel sprouts and stuffing.I made myself baked chicken cutlets.They were OK but again,I was kinda disappointed.Maybe I just wasn't in the mood for chicken.I seriously need to find some new recipes.I also found some ORGANIC rice cakes-and for a change,it's actually cheaper than the other brand.So as soon as my rice cakes are about gone,I'm going to load up on the organic ones.

Didn't work out today-was just too pooped and the blood sugar was higher this evening,so I am being thuroughly lazy!I will try and do a little more tomorrow to make up for today's laziness.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

FanTabulous Tuesday----so far at least

Just finished my morning workout on exercise bike--5miles down....hoping to get another 5miles done this evening like yesterday.Breakfast was two "cereal" bars and gatorade.They showed some yummy looking salads on the news show this morning and it's got me hankering for a salad-but the last time I ate a salad I got sick,so I'm not sure LOL-we'll see.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Menu

Tonight,the guys are working on KFC and "happy husband chili" leftovers.I pulled out the rice cooker and steamed some chicken thigh strips and added sides of peas/corn (weight watchers 1pt sides) and brown rice.YUMMMMMM I'm a happy girl!

10mile monday

Well,the blood sugar has been low enough today where I could exercise this morning and again after my cat nap this afternoon.If I'm up to it LOL I just might see if I can do another 5 after supper.But we'll have to see.Just as soon as I start exercising,the kiddo ALWAYS seems to need something LOL....KIDS! Gotta love 'em!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

When is Easter?

I finally looked at the calendar to see when Easter was this year.I like to get all the goodies ahead of time so I won't be rushed at the last minute.I stash all the candy in the freezer so the good stuff won't get eaten before Easter morning LOL.I found that Easter 2010 is on April 4th.LOL Our 10 yr anniversary of "being a couple" is April 3rd.If you read my earlier postings,you'll see I have a little surprise planned.Well the hubby saw I was looking at Easter and said "well I just might take that night off".YIPPEE.He will have a long weekend-so I can have a nice little surprise dinner for him and get to enjoy him a little longer that weekend.YAY!!! I can't wait! He's not going to know what to think-we haven't had a DATE NIGHT in a LONG LONG LONG time.....LOL....REALLY LONG...

Rice Cakes and Almond Butter

A few posts ago,I shared that whatever I was eating for breakfast wasn't agreeing with me.I picked up some quaker lightly salted rice cakes and found almond butter at the store (FINALLY-been wanting to try it FOREVER!).That and maybe an apple has mainly been my breakfast for about the last week.And I can tell a difference.I haven't been nauseaus (at least after breakfast),I feel better.I am actually starting to look forward to my rice cakes each morning.I think I see a trip to the store to replenish my stock soon,,my almond butter is almost gone.The kiddo needs toothpaste and glue sticks so I think I will be going out later today.

Well the hubby got up later than he wanted to LOL and didn't go to the shooting range like he expected.After skulking around the house frowning half the day he saw my list and went to the store for me.LOL picked up stuff for my snackings and more glue sticks for zach-now we can do more SCIENCE LOL.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Decade of being a couple

Sept 1,2001--Pigeon Forge,Tennessee (that was an adventure I'll have to share too)

DATING-we were introduced/set up LOL by my sister Lainey and her husband John

I'm not sure if I've ever shared our whirlwind romance with my blogger friends,so I'll share a little.Rewind the clocks back to March/April 2000.I was tired of looking for MR RIGHT-tired of wondering if he even existed LOL.I was just plain tired of it all-the whole dating scene and men! Well probably sometime in early March,one of my sisters tells another sister to ask if it's OK to give my number/email to her husband's "best friend".I said I would think about it a little while.Around that time I remember there was this big celestial alignment that was going on.I was sitting outside on the porch steps just taking in all the wonder of the universe and thinking how amazing it was and started thinking about my life.How I planned everything and was always looking for perfection and that it was making me tired.I needed a change.I decided that I would tell my sister that it was OK to share my number/email with this guy and I would see what the universe had in store for me.I was doing something TOTALLY OUT OF THE ORDINARY. I was 29 years old-still lived at home-everyone in the family was convinced I would be the "family spinster" (LOL).My sister told me a few things about her hubby's friend.She told me he was a volunteer fireman,liked the outdoors,worked at the local naval base,and that his name was Kelvin.

A few days later,I get an email from him basicly saying HI and we kinda chatted in emails back and forth all day.It was April 3-I had just started my week long vacation from work.He asked for my number and called a few minutes later.He asked if I wanted to "get together" that evening for a movie and dinner.Now if you read closely earlier-I'm a planner-I don't like spontaneous things.LOL I like to plan and know ahead of time what's going to happen.But I said YES.We met at the local mall and saw ERIN BROCKOVICH at the movie theatre.We went to O'Charley's for a late dinner.We talked about EVERYTHING--LITERALLY.I remember he had to go to work later that night because he was on night shift and I kept asking "it's not too late for you,is it?" LOL.I remember going back home and as corny as it sounds,I wrote in my journal that I had "met the man I'm going to marry".

The next day he called and asked if he could come out and see where I lived.He came out and met the family and talked with the guys a while.He sat around and watched tv and we made plans to walk around Bonita's walking trails that following saturday.It was so funnny.He kept looking at me and grinning and was all nervous.I'm thinking like "what is he doing?" LOL.Sometime during the walk he asked if he could hold my hand.My heart melted right there!We have been inseparable ever since.He kissed me for the first time the the weekend before Easter.Our romance was just that-ROMANTIC. We were married Sept 1,2001.

And it's funny-we were total opposites.He was a big heavy metal rocker (still is) and I was a good little country girl (still am).But now he's a heavy metal rocker that listens to country music--even has it programmed on the radio in his car!

OK,back to reality---I'm planning on making the same meal we had on our first date as a surprise for him that day.He had bbq ribs and I had chicken tenders.I haven't decided if I'm going to get take out from the restraunt or make it all at home from scratch.Probably the latter,but we'll see.I also got a copy of ERIN BROCKOVICH on dvd.My son knows where it is and that it's a surprise for daddy,so I'm expecting him to blow the surprise any day.He almost told him the day the movie came in the mail LOL but I destracted him.CLOSE CALL! The hubby has NO IDEA!!! HEE HEE HEE HEE I'm going to get him GOOD.

Saturday Goings-on

Got woke up early by the kiddo just a chatting away before 6am this morning-got up and did a blood sugar check and it was 60something so I got up and had a few rice cakes with almond butter and an apple.I went back to bed hoping to get in a few more ZZZs.I got about 1/2 an hour and then the hubby woke me up.LOL I wasn't happy.He showered and hit LOWE'S to get the dirt and lumber to finish the garden square for me in the backyard.He and grandpa are going to do that this coming week.

I got up and put up about a week's worth of laundry that had been sitting for a few days.These days it's just like a struggle for me to get the laundry done and put away.After the hubby got back,we decided to take the kiddo to Bonita Lakes for a little picnic and playtime at one of their little play areas-something different than our usual playground hangouts.Well I first noticed something wasn't right when I walked out the door.I was wearing shorts and it was a tad bit chilly.So I went back in and grabbed a pair of jogging pants for Zach-I knew he'd be complaining about it being COLD on his legs.By the time we get to Bonita,the wind is blowing like mad and the sun is NOWHERE to be found-just a sky full of puffy grey clouds-and it was ABSOLUTELY FREEZING.I thought the weekend's weather was supposed to be WARM and PRETTY! I pulled a blanket out of the car and wrapped it around the kiddo because I had made the hubby pull all the coats and stuff out of the car the day before LOL-just my luck-and the only thing left was a blanket I let the pooper sit on when she is in the car with us.We manage to get lumch down and fed a few nibbles to 2 cute ducks that decided to come say HELLO to us.We decided to take Zach to the PARK on North Hills Street.We all had a BLAST! The best $20 we've spent in a long time.We then decided to waste some time and ride out to a sister's house in Bailey,but she wasn't home,so we just kept riding a while.We came home and Zach is still playing with his Netbook.I made "happy husband chili" for the guys.They will be eating on that for at least 2-3 more days. For myself,I made turkey burgers.I put some bell pepeprs and celery into the processor and got it chopped up very fine.I added a handful in with my turkey meat so the burgers wouldn't be dry-NOTHING worse than a dry turkey burger.I put the rest of the celery/pepper mix into the fridge so I can add it to whatever's cooking this coming week.I decided to give my rice cooker another try.I haven't used it in a few years because the last time I did,it made a huge mess on the counter and I banished it to "under the counter in the laundry room". It didn't make as big a mess as last time-and it only got on the lid this time.I made brown rice and it was delicious-just perfectly fluffy.The rice cooker will be moved back onto it's proper place in the kitchen after cleaning.I also made another batch of the "turnip mashed potatoes".I used mostly turnips this time with only 3 yukon gold potatoes.It was delish.I could have eaten the whole batch by myself-but I restrained myself.I will have plenty of left overs to munch on in the days to come. YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS DISH--TRUST ME!

Tonight's daylight savings time.I think I'll be going to bed early so the "shock" of the time change won't be so bad.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Weekend Agenda

"What's on the agenda for the weekend?" That's something I hear from the hubby every friday afternoon.Basicly,he's wanting to know if I have any "honey dos" for him LOL.I do but I'm going to let him do them on his time-Don't worry,I'll be sure to remind him I'd like it all done LOL.I want him to finish painting the hallway-sand and paint the bathroom door-re-seal the bathtub-AND finish making the little square in the backyard where I plant veggies--PIECE OF CAKE!Tomorrow he and his dad are putting up a door for a neighbor lady.After that,I'm thinking that if the weather's nice maybe we can get out somewhere and take the pooper and kiddo for some exercise.The kiddo's been asking dad to spend more time with him lately.With hubby working on the night shift it's hard for them to be on the same "time line" except on the weekends.Whenever dad's ready to go to bed-the kid is ready to play.Hubby's been doing night shift for about 3 months now and says he'll probably do it for another 3-6 if it works out that way.Mom doesn't get much quality time with him either-but I'm used to it.Personally,I hate night shift,but since he's the only one bringing in a paycheck,I always tell him to work what he feels comfortable doing.He likes to work the night shift during the summers especially because he's not out in the scorching Southern summer heat.I don't blame him.

An Early St Patty's Day Party

We had an early StPatrick's Day party for our homeschool kids today.They all had fun.They ate "green" foods and ran and played and jumped on a trampoline.My kiddo has another crush.The host for the day is named Julie also.After we had left her house,my kiddo asked from the backsear 'is Miss Julie married?' I told him that she was,to which he replied 'DARN IT-UGH!'.He has a crush on her-he told his daddy how pretty she was.LOL He has talked about going back and visiting her another day.He has talked about her all afternoon.**SIGH** My 7yr old is already a LADIES MAN LOL.

Well,I'm not sure what's going on,but I'm back to getting sick again after every meal-or just about.I hurt from getting sick this evening.My neck and chest hurt and my throat is sooo hoarse.I think I've come to the decision to be tested for "gluten" allergies/celiac.Can't hurt if it turns out negative.I know I need to get the diet under better control.I just been to get more tightly organized and more selective in my shopping trips.I need to make a list and if I have to make separate meals for me-just do it.The guys like their "food vices". I basicly have to do that already for my other allergies,so it really won't be a big deal.I guess I need to make a trip to the book store next week.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

another very stormy day

I think it stormed all night-complete with pouring rain,thunder,and lightening.It seems like it's been raining FOREVER.Seriously,I'd take the colder weather over this.I hate stormy weather.And we are in for more of it today.They are saying SEVERE for today-that means anything from HAIL,HEAVY RAIN,HEAVY WINDS,to TORNADOES.This is the only thing about Spring that I detest-the bad weather.OK-got that off my chest!

Today is going to be a busy day for us-at least a busy afternoon.We're having Zach evaluated again for add/adhd.We had him evaluated about 2 years ago and it showed that he didn't have strong enough "tendancies" to be called add or adhd.I'm not sure what is going on with him,but some days-it's just awful.I don't mean I have an awful child,but it's just some days I wonder if I need medication instead of him LOL.And if you have or know someone who has an INTENSE child then you understand.If he gets a scratch or "boo-boo",it's not "ouch",it's a full fledged primal scream complete with jumping up and down and crying.I had them check his hearing at his last doctor appointment because I can be talking to him-standing right by him and it's like he's tuned out.There are other things,but I'll spare you from having to read them.I've always been against medicating children for things like this,but I am absolutely torn.The husband says not to worry about it till we get a diagnosis,but the thought of giving my child SPEED just doesn't sit well with me.Maybe he just needs more attention from mom-if that is possible.We homeschool,so I don't have to deal with his behavior and teachers and what not-which is great.I saw what one of my sisters went through when her son was in school.It was always a fight with the school system/teachers.Thankfully we don't have to deal with any of that-and the shape the school systems are in now,well don't get me started on that one.

Zach was a preemie and sometimes I wonder if his "immature" behavior has something to do with that.But then boys mature slower than girls do.We have some days where he's just as well behaved as any other kid his age,then we have days where it's like I think 'what is wrong with my child? Why does he do that?' I just don't know.I hope we will have more answers after our appointment today.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Stormy Tuesday afternoon

The star of today's dinner-TURNIPS

The finished product--turnip mashed potatoes YUMMY!

Simmer the chopped potatoes and turnips in milk (NOT BOIL or you will have a mess!)

Corn fritters-alright,not homemade but a delicious,quick,easy side-yummy and slightly sweet

...Perfect afternoon for a nap here in Meridian today-tried to but my kiddo had other ideas.LOL Supper tonight was "smothered" pork chops,corn fritters,and turnip mashed potatoes.

After peeling and chopping the potatoes and the turnips,I simmered them in milk,salt and pepper.(simmer-not boil or you will have a mess) Once they were tender,I strained over a large boiler so I could save some of the milk.I mashed and added a little butter.I thinned them out with a little of the milk they were cooked in.
I saved two turnips and chopped them and added a little butter,salt,and pepper and roasted in oven until slightly brown-delicious,slightly sweet.

For the pork chops,I used the small medalions.I lightly dredged them in flower and "fried" in olive oil until they were brown and crispy.I poured off the olive oil and added a can of chicken broth.I scraped the bottom of the pan to get the goody-bits off and added the pork chops back to the pan.I let it all simmer a bit so the stock could thicken up a little bit.

Everything was delicious! I will definately be making the turnip-mashed potatoes again!

Monday, March 8, 2010

March 8th a marvelous monday

Today was an absolutely marvelous day here in Meridian.After putting away a few baskets of laundry,I talked the hubby into going with the kiddo,pooper and me to the park.I had wanted to go over the weekend,but it just never happened.Everyone had fun.The pooper got a good walk and workout.Mom did too-pooper tried to run my legs off! LOL I meant to take the pedometer with me just to see how far we actually walked but forgot.I'm going to stick it in my purse and maybe NOT forget about it the next time we go back out there.The kiddo got in a little playtime and ice cream afterwards.

I started out the day with a different breakfast.Lately,most meals have left me nauseaus-no matter how healthy or bland it is.This morning,I had "lightly salted" rice cakes with peanut butter and an apple.It was delicious and didn't leave me feeling sick,so I am going to go with this breakfast for a little while.

Supper was "tender steaks" that the hubby ran through the tenderizer,broccoli and rice, and mashed potatoes.Zach had some of the mashed potatoes,rice,and ravioli.He ate a few bites.

As soon as dinner settles,I'm going to hop on the bike and see if I can't do another 6miles tonight.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

HMMMMMM or "AHA" moments...........

My son isn't a big meat eater.When I give him fish sticks or chicken nuggets,I'm lucky if he either eats the "crusts" off or takes a bite or two of the meats.SERIOUSLY.Well the other day at the store,he picked out a can of ravioli.He asked for it last night and I gave him 4 ravioli with very little sauce.He ate mostly around the edges of the ravioli but every now and then he got brave and took bites of the whole thing.It went from "I LIKE RAVIOLI MEAT" to blah "no I don't like ravioli meat" back to "I like it" LOL.So that got me to thinking.I have seen the ravioli in the freezer section that is just plain cheese.It's right next to the periogis that he will eat sometimes if I call them "potato dumplings".So today,when I did the big grocery store trip,I picked up some more periogis,and cheese stuffed ravioli.I'm thinking of serving them in a chicken broth.I think he'll like that than a homemade tomato sauce or even a homemade cheesy sauce.His palate is kinda plain-even though he will eat chinese sometimes.I will be glad when he eats what I can call a "full rounded" meal.


OOOOH!!!! I love the bike.I did my first workout on it today and did a 6mile 30minute workout.WHOO!!! I love it-I am sure to double that soon.It's something I can do in the mornings and evenings.I don't really like the location-it's in the middle of the sewing room,but right now it's the only feesable place for it.I am soooo excited!!!!

Sunday March 7th 2010

It's a bright sunny morning here in Meridian today-still a little chilly,but it's supposed to warm up nicely by afternoon.The hubby went to the shooting range to play with his new toy with the guys.He put together my exercise bike last night-didn't cuss and fuss too much ;) -he's not a "mr fix it" by any means.Now I just have to figure out where to put it.I wanted to put it where I could cycle and watch tv/country music videos,but I'm not so sure that is doable.That thing is HUGE-and heavy.So I think whever it ends up is where it'll stay-I can't see myself dragging that thing around every day.If I can get the elliptical in a corner of the closet,I think it'll be alright in the sewing room,but I'll still have to re-arrange things in there yet again.The hubby joked and said if I had a treadmill that I would have enough workout stuff for my own gym.HMMMM I'd love to have an exercise room LOL.I told him 'Well,we could move zach's room out to the garage' LOL-just kidding...

Saturday, March 6, 2010


It was a beautiful day here in Meridian.A nephew's birthday is tomorrow,so I had him and one of his brothers over today for a cookout.He wanted burgers and hotdogs,so that's what I made him.I was hoping he'd say STEAKS. LOL I picked up some pre-formed beef patties from the store and made myself a couple of turkey burgers.Instead of cake,I made a bunch of chocolate chip cookies.They were a big hit! The food was delicious.It's always great to see two of "my boys".Although one will be 27 tomorrow and the other is almost 21,they will always be "my boys".Before they left, they used their muscles and helped the husband move Zachary's swingset back to it's proper place in the backyard.We had to move it a few months ago when we had to have a tree cut down.Now Zach can swing and slide again.Now if I can get the hubby to patch a couple of holes in the fence so Tinkie can't ESCAPE we'll be in business.The weather's warming up nicely and we are just itching to go out and play more.

I had a bag of kale that I had to cook today,so I used basicly the same recipe I used for creamed spinach-except I used less cream.It was delicious.I had a huge apple and a plateful of "creamed kale" for supper tonight.It was fabulous! Going grocery shopping tomorrow and I really should make a list-but we're out of just about all the staples,so I'm not sure I NEED a list LOL.We need everything!

Friday, March 5, 2010

wonderful weekend

Well for once in what feels like FOREVER,we are supposed to have a very nice weekend.Can't beat pre-springe warm weather here in the South.My nephew is turning 27 on sunday,so I'm having him over saturday for a cookout.I tried to get him to ask for STEAKS LOL,but he wants burgers and hot dogs.He's a plain old,good old country boy-gotta love that! He is very special to my little boy,and truthfully,is more like a little brother to me than a nephew.I grew up with him and his brothers.He is a great guy and my son ADORES him-Tinkie does too! We didn't get to go to the park today-time and our errands just got the best of us and when I did have a few minutes free,the kiddo didn't want to go.I'm hoping we can get there either early saturday or sunday morning--so the kiddo can play and the pooper can get some exercise.She woke up not feeling very well today-I was worried about her all day.We've had her about 9 months I guess and she's never been sick until today.I'm hoping something just didn't agree with her and that it's not a full blown virus.BLAH!That would NOT be fun.I need to be making out a shopping list because I plan on making a huge trip Sunday afternoon.The pantry is in desparate need of re-stocking!

what am I going to do with my husband?

Well we went shopping this morning and I got my exercise bike-the store didn't have the one I had picked out so I got an upgrade.Spent a little more than I wanted but it was all good.The hubby got his new toy at the sporting goods store.And we went to geoffrey's to look and see what we could find for the kiddo.I had planned on getting him a "kid" laptop with educational games on it-something to teach him how to take care of it and the basics so that when we get him a real computer he'll know some of what to do.I was thinking that maybe we'd get him one for Christmas this year.Well....That day came sooner than I expected.I had picked one out for like $70 but the hubby got to talking with a sales girl and she mentioned netbooks and zachary over heard and that was it.His dad got him a netbook today.Totally blew the rest of our refund.LOL I'm not really mad but I'm not sure I'm happy about it yet either LOL.The husband just has the "spend" now and deal with it later attitude about money.Now, we did have the extra because of the tax refund and all so it really didn't cut into our budget at all.The hubby's thinking was "well we have the money now and it'll be extra money later to get him something else if we want or whatever. I just wasn't ready for Zach to get a real computer.For starters,we really don't have the extra room for it-it's tiny,yes,but he's going to only use it with supervision,so that means he's going to have to use it sitting with me.The sewing room/office where I have mine is totally cluttered at the moment,and when we put the bike together it'll probably be worse for a few days till I get things moved around and settled again.The table where I have all of his homeschool books at is just a mess right now.I desparately need to re-arrange it,but just haven't gotten around to doing it.**SIGH**I need a giant,oversized,extra stregnth bottle of CALGON........

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thursday--is it the weekend yet?

I am so ready for the weekend.I'm splurging a little and getting myself an exercise bicycle tomorrow.We got our tax refund back.YAY! Our taxes changed last year because of how we had to claim some stuff pertaining to the hubby's dad,so we didn't get back as much as we usually do,but at least we didn't have to pay federal.Next year hopefully we will know what we are doing better and things will go back to our normal refund.This was the first year we had to claim the stuff for taking care of his dad. I'm getting a couple of fun/educational helpers for Zachary and putting a little into savings and getting zach and myself a few new spring outfits.He is outgrowing everything.He is in the size between 7 and 8 where most 8's are a little too big in the waiste but 7s fit in the waiste but are way too short.It's so hard finding pants for him.The hubby's getting a new toy and is already itching to go shopping.It's all I can do to get him to wait till tomorrow when it'll be direct deposited into our bank account LOL.He is such a goof!

Tonight the guys are getting deer meat and potatoes.I have a bag of kale that needs to be cooked but I'm not sure how I'm going to do it.Not really sure if I'm going to have the same as the guys or not.Food hasn't been agreeing with me lately,so I'm trying to get back to eating the way I should.I can't handle alot of oily,greasy foods-I have bad reflux.I can't eat alot of red meats and I am getting tired of brown rice! LOL I really need to do a good RESTOCK THE PANTRY shopping trip.I'm out of alot of staples like OLIVE OIL.Hopefully I'll get to go either this weekend or around the first of next week.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tuesday meal plan






I found a buy one get one free deal on spinach the other day at the store,so tonight we're having spinach.I've never had or made creamed spinach,so I am going to give it a shot.I'm using a food network recipe.In the same foodnetwork episode,Sunny Anderson also made chicken fried steak.I've never had any luck getting it good and crunchy-whenever I made it the crust usually ends up coming off before the meat's done or it just crumbles off-not good eats LOL.Grandpa got one of those meat tenderizing machine thingies so today I made the hubby run the "steaks" through it.I am using sirloin steaks and sometimes they can be a little tough.I hope the tenderizer thing did the trick.I'm not sure if I'll try Sunny's potato gravy with the chicken fried steaks or not-depends on how I feel when I get into the kitchen,but here is the recipe.Pics will follow soon...........

Dinner turned out very good.I used SA's recipes but with the creamed spinach,I used fat free sour cream and fat free cream and instead of pre-cooked spinach,I used fresh spinach.It was good,but a little too soupy so next time I try it,I am cutting back on the cream and probably leaving out the onions.I did not use her gravy recipe although I probably should have-mine didn't turn out very good tonight LOL.The chicken fried steaks turned out fabulous although the tenderizer thingie kinda shredded a few a little too much.Instead of mashed potatoes,I roasted a bunch of fingerline potatoes-including some peruvian purple potatoes.YUMMMY!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Another dreary Monday

It's a chilly,Monday here in Mississippi.We're supposed to get some rain but right now it's just cloudy.I've been meaning to re-stock my "chicken/turkey stock" stash,and I picked up a rotisserie turkey breast at the store the other day so today I shredded the breast meat and made turkey and rice,and am making a pot of stock with the bones and an onion.The kitchen smells DIVINE-nothing I like better than to smell stock "a-brewing"! The guys are getting spicy burgers tonight.I'll proably make some mashed potatoes and gravy to go with it.The husband could live off mashed potatoes I think.