Sunday, January 31, 2010

sunday cooking

1bag of cauliflower-processed until fine-add 1 egg (which I didn't)-and smoosh out onto baking pan or pizza dish-bake until browned-top with pizza sauce (I didn't) and your choice of pizza cheeses.Tasted good-was kind of messy-not really what I expected but it was good and I like cauliflower LOL.

1pound of turkey meat with about 1 cup of bulgar wheat--mix well and shape into batties and cook.I browned in skillet and finished off in the oven.I eat them on NATURE'S OWN WHOLE WHEAT SANDWICH ROUNDS.YUMMY! The original recipe was for turkey lebanese kebobs with mint sauce but I didn't have all the ingredients so I improvised.I made enough to get me through most of the week.

For the guys today I made onion burgers with gravy,mashed potatoes and some other side I haven't made yet.Zach had a tortilla pizza for lunch.I also found a great sugar free-fat free treat I can have.Jello Pudding has a sugar free/fat free cheesecake pudding that can either be made as a pudding or as like a pie-if you use a low fat/sugar free crust.It's delicious.I think I will pick up more when I go shopping next week.YUMMM

I've officially been on WW for 1 week and have lost 3 pounds.As soon as I get into the routine of doing elliptical daily it'll go down more.Evenings are a hard routine right now.

Friday, January 29, 2010

bedtime from HELL......

The past couple of weeks,we've noticed that Zach has been so much more emotional and prone to meltdowns.Tonight was one of the worst! Oh,boy-my head is still pounding!He wasn't listening to me even as I repeated myself several times (as been the usual lately),so I said "ok,that's it,ealry bedtime." Meltdown "But I wasn't finished watching tv" was the teary response.After we get clean jammies on and teeth brushed,and get him into bed he decides he was thirsty,so I let him up to get a sip of juice,then it was back to bed.He was hungry then.Crying and carrying on that he didn't get enough supper and he was still hungry-crying that his mom didn't love him and feed him enough! LOL Then his pjs were itching him and after much crying he takes his pj top off.Then his nose is running from all of the crying he's done and he wants me to get up and get him something so he can blow his nose.I tell him to get up and do it himself-another round of crying and screaming that his "mother doesn't care about him".I am so worn out tonight.I really have to get him into a better bedtime routine.All this crying and screaming from him is waring on my nerves.He has at last count about 3-4 loose teeth.I can't see if any are coming in behind or under those teeth yet but by the way he's been lately-so cranky and irritable,I wonder if he is teething.Do 7 year olds still "teeth"? He doesn't drink caffeine,didn't have candy today...I can't figure out what it is-I'm leaning towards making him nap again in the afternoons everyday.Can mommy do a primal scream now?


Well I've almost made it through my first week of doing WW and have lost over 3lbs.YAY!

few crispy cheddar cracker crisps
whole wheat sandwich rounds
3slices turkey bologna "fried"
large iced tea/equal

caffeine free diet pepsi
1/2 wendy's grilled chicken mandarin orange salad

whole wheat sandwich rounds
crunchy peanut butter
1tsp grape jelly

2 turkey/black bean tacos
few bites of chicken thigh strips
whole wheat sandwich round
1tsp peanut butter
1tsp nutella

glass of chocolate soymilk

Thursday, January 28, 2010

lunch date tomorrow

It will be the first time going to Chik-Fil-A since I started WW.Usually when I go out I just pick "whatever" looks appealing off the menu--now I have to plan...not sure if they have calorie info easily available at the restraunt (alot of places do these days) so I am checking out their website to see what certain things add up to off the menu.So far I'm looking at a salad with a little protein and a diet soda or iced tea with splenda/equal-depends on what I have a taste for when I get there.I haven't seen this friend since before Christmas,so it will be a fun visit.Her son is going to be in daycare/preschool,so Zach isn't going to be happy about that LOL but I'm sure he will have fun in the play area...This week hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be.One thing I've noticed is that I'm alot more appreciative when it's time to eat LOL.I know that sounds funny but if I'm really hungry I'll appreciate the meal more.I did a few mins wii fit this evening-my blood sugar was too high for alot of exercising so I went with the wii fit.I love wii fit! It makes exercising fun.


Slowly but surely....not sure why but I stepped on the scale this morning--down 1 1/2 pounds--yay! need to bump up the exercises--slowly but surely

1diet lipton tea/citrus
5oz white grapes
1whole wheat sandwich round
3slices turkey bologna "fried"
crispy cheddar cracker crisps

lentils and barley
leftover chicken thigh strips
1 medium banana
bottle of sprite zero

caffeine free diet pepsi
diet green tea/citrus
chicken thigh strips
lentils with barley
a couple of baked tater tots

diet green tea/citrus
nature's own whole wheat sandwich round
with 2 TBS peanut butter


Wednesday, January 27, 2010


1 caffeine free diet pepsi
1 very large glass of iced tea/equal
2slices dry sungrain toast (roman meal)
taco/back bean filling
1medium banana

diet pepsi zero
1 whole wheat sandwich round
2slices of turkey bologna
handful cheddar crispy crackers
1medium banana

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday's menu

2slices of sungrain bread toast (roman meal)
1 scrambled egg
2small clementine oranges
1 large glass of tea/equal

2 one point cocoa powder brownies (ww recipe)
caffeine free diet pepsi

turkey taco filling using romaine lettuce as wraps
sugar free iced tea

1 baked chicken breast (1tsp plain crumbs)
1small potato diced with 1tsp olive oil
2small clementine oranges
1bottle diet green tea/citrus

late snack
1/2 bottle starbuck's vanilla frappuccino

Monday, January 25, 2010

Misc photos

My son Zachary making spaghetti tacos for his dinner tonight.....

Turkey/black bean/corn tacos--turned out delicious! I added some "walmart brand" spicy mustard and it was just sooo good-going to become a staple of mine I think.

15 bean soup with kelbasa-a staple for the guys.

crochet blanket I made using "scraps" of yarn-as you can see Miss Poopie claimed it-she loves to root under it and go to sleep.

first day of points eating

I'll spare you the points counting-it's mainly for me anyway but I thought I'd list everything that I eat each day to kind of keep myself on track.

turkey quinoa tacos
caffeine free diet pepsi

2small clementine oranges
a WW recipe called "chicken dip"
with special K whole grain crackers
caffeine free diet pepsi
diet lipton green tea with citrus

3 turkey/black bean tacos
1 sprite free
2 small clementine oranges

Well.....I DID IT!

I joined weight watchers this morning.I'm going to follow it online and see how that goes.It's my best option right now.The hubby isn't too keen on the location of where the local meetings are held and said if I did it that way he would "chauffer" me to and from the meetings.And I don't want that.He's kinda overprotective.To an outsider it might look controlling,but he means well.I've had to give him TALKS every now and then about that LOL and remind him that I am capable of doing things on my own.I'm excited--scared--relieved that I finally joined.I've seen it on tv for a long time and always thought about it but never really had the funds to do it until now.I guess this is finally saying to myself "we have to change something".I'm tired of being sick.I'm tired of being tired all the time.I'm sick of al the medications I have to take that the drs say I wouldn't have to take "if only I'd lose weight".Easier said than done right? And I think I've kinda put myself on the back burner since I got married and became a mom.I don't do all the personal "upkeep" I used to do.Somedays I just don't have the time or energy to do it.But I am getting better.I've started going back to the salon every two weeks if only for a 15 minute manicure or pedicure.I think sometimes that when women get married/have a family they lose a part of themselves.I want to get it back--at least some of it.I want to get that little part of ME back.Hopefully this will be the first step......

Sunday, January 24, 2010


I think I've shared the story of how I'm training my pooper to help with the housework.She will find scraps of paper on the floor and bring them to me for treats.She will do this all day-anything for a lean treat!Well,a few weeks ago I noticed she was bringing my hair bands to me.I got to watching her and she had a little stash of them in her hiding place (under the bed).She hides bones/treats/toys everywhere you can imagine-in the little space she can squeeze into in the sewing room closet,under my bed,under her pillow,behind chairs.She is a character! Anyway,I got to watching her and she was playing with my pony tail bands.She will toss them around and catch them and hold onto it with her paw and mouth and pop them where it kinda hits her nose.LOL She will bring them to us and put them in our hands wanting us to play with her with it.She will drop it in our hand and bump our hand with her nose or bring the band to us and hold half of it in her mouth and want us to play tug of war with her with it.I love my dog!

A New Week

I've been thinking about joining Weight Watchers for a few years now but have never really checked into it.A neice did it back years ago and I think she had good results.Recently,a friend joined and she has had great results.I know the results will be up to me and my determination,but it sounds like they have a good plan and know how to help people who want to lose weight.My only decision now is do I follow the plan online or go to local meetings.I'm leaning toward online but still not sure which one I am going to do.I am going to call the local office tomorrow and ask alot of questions.But now that I have made up my mind to join,I feel good--empowered,hopeful.

Friday, January 22, 2010

weekend plan

Before I went out to run errands today I took out a log of burger meat to thaw for the guys usual weekend fare "happy husband chili".The husband was in a funky mood today and didn't want that.So I said well you'll get spaghetti then.I stuck it back in the fridge to make tomorrow.I put together a brown rice stir fry using chicken thigh strips and bellpepper and onion strips.I used a little chinese seasoning packet for a little more taste.It was good.I have a ton of leftovers.What isn't eaten by tomorrow will go in the freezer.I ate the last of my spicy turkey quinoa today so I will have to make more of that tomorrow too.I don't think I'm going to use as much spice this time.It's also the last of my quinoa.A friend picked me up a bunch back last year when she went to a great grocery store that isn't available to us locally.I ordered some from BOB'S RED MILL last night along with some "low carb" bread mix.I can't be without my quinoa! LOL

Thursday, January 21, 2010

UGH dreaded DMV photo time again

Time to renew my driver's license-crap-I always hate doing those photos.I don't know what made me look at my driver's license a few minutes ago but I pulled it out and yep-time to renew next month,which also means it's my birthday--39.Doesn't really bother me.Now the next year LOL don't know-I thought I was having a nervous break down when I hit 30.I was single,had no prospects of a romantic life,no kids LOL.Little did I know how my life would change over the next few weeks.The year 2000 my life really changed! I can NOT believe I've been with my husband for 10 years-the date of our first date is April 3.That just shocks and amazes me.Goes back to what I've always said-things happen when they are supposed to-can't hurry them along.Sometimes we have to go through certain things and come to realizations to better understand ourselves and our past before we can move on to our futures.Gosh how did this turn from "oh no I have to get my driver's license photo redone" to such philosophy? LOL

Thursday night dinner

I picked up a briskett at the store today-saw where you could cook corned beef and cabbage in the crockpot-forgot the cabbage LOL but am cooking the corned beef today.Not sure what sides will be-thinking either rice or pasta.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

stormy wednesday

Today I made the angus burgers I planned on making yesterday.I browned them off on the stovetop and then finished them in the oven braising them in a can of PROGRESSO french onion soup.YUM-I made pork chops like that a week or so ago and it was delish.I made mashed potatoes for the guys and black eyed peas.I plan on frying the leftover black eyed peas later this evening.I heard it last week on food network and decided to try it-definately a keeper! they were delish!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

tuesday dinner

The husband started his new work schedule yesterday.He works overnight now for a while-if it were up to him,he says he would work nights all the time.I hate this schedule,but it works for him-and he's the only one bringing in a paycheck,so I always tell him "work what you want to".Last night I made "fried" baked pork steaks.
I used a ritz cracker coating and browned them in a skillet and finished them off in the oven-they were delish! I think I'm going to see if there are any leftovers,it's almost lunchtime! I had planned on making angus burgers and fries for supper,but the hard headed husband got up and didn't want that.Instead he wanted KFC.Good thing I hadn't already cooked or I would have been a little mad hen.Zach ate 2 peanut butter sandwiches for supper.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

closet is done......

Well the closet is done---took about 6hrs-husband's convinced it took longer.It looks better-not exactly what I wanted but the clothes are hanging now and it doesn't look like they are about to fall down at any moment so I'll call that a win win situation.It's neater.Maybe I just have to get used to it.Still have my heart set on a Jessica Simpson closet,maybe that's what it is. lol

Weekend Wonderings...........

Woke up this dreary Saturday morning to a killer migraine-NOT a good way to start any day,let me tell you.In the past,I've had migraines that would keep me in bed for days! Thank goodness this wasn't one of those.Since I've cut out the things I'm allergic to and don't really have the stresses of working outside the home,my migraines have been few and far between.I popped a couple of excedrin migraine pills and couldn't believe it,but in about an hour I was feeling better-headache about gone--eyes are still a bit sensitive and I have those floater spots but they are going away.SHEW! The hubby's out getting a much needed hair cut this morning and I'm trying to declutter the computer desk and sewing room table where the mail and the week's STUFF has accumulated.Since we got the two giant recliners everything has just kinda been pushed into the corner of the sewing room and it's about to drive me crazy.It's a complete mess! There is a catch all "dresser" in there that will be going soon-along with all the JUNK that's in it-it's really a catch all in the true sense of those words.I got the OK from the hubby to toss it and as soon as I get to it,it will be OUT! Today we are supposed to tackle the closet and put in the closet kit I got at Lowe's last week.$79-on sale from like $130 something.It's those rack thingies that are supposed to make a cluttered,messy closet look neat and tidy.LOL We'll see.I've been wanting to do something to our closet since I moved in back in 2001 but it just kept being put off.I had the extra $$ this time to get the kit and now I hope I have the energy to get it put up.

Foodwise today the hubby's getting the usual weekend fare "Happy Husband Chili".I have to run out to the store later to get some equal and few other things I forgot the other day,so I might get the stuff to make cornbread-gotta get a mix to make birdie bread for the parrot too,so might as well make some for the guys.For myself I've got a pound of turkey thawing.I'm going to make some more black bean,turkey quinoa-gotta pick up some more spicy mustard for that.If I am up to it I might try to make some turkey sausage.I got some sausage spices and have been wanting to try to make my own turkey sausage since I can't find any fresh turkey sausage around here.

My sister is a big green tea drinker.I guess it might have been that particular brand I tried,but I could take it or leave it.Lately I've had the hankering for green tea with citrus (by lipton).I found some diet green tea/citrus at the store the other day and have been drinking it like mad.I think I could seriously put a dent in the amount of soda I drink--SERIOUSLY,it's that good.I also found something by Lipton called "sparkling green tea"-not diet but low enough carbs for me that I can have it occassionally.It's good too-SERIOUSLY! I got the kiwi-strawberry flavor.It has a little fizz in it-YUM.Gotta get more of the green tea today-SERIOUSLY! LOL

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thursday Supper

Baked "fried" chicken-I used an egg wash and seasoned bread crumbs.I cranked the old oven up as far as it would go (500*) and let it go.For how long you ask? I couldn't tell you! I am bad about not looking at the clock when I put something in the oven.The clock in the kitchen hasn't worked right since Grandpa "fixed it".LOL The chicken came out fabulous-nice and crispy on the outside,perfectly tender and juicy on the in side.PERFECT if I do say so myself.

I added a few carmelized onions I had leftover from when I made "smothered" porchops earlier this week-turned out tasty!

Fried Potatoes requested by my son

A new closet-hopefully

Our closet is a mess.The bar thingie you hang the clothes on looks like it's about to fall down at any minute.The hubby would say his wife has too many clothes,but he has just about as many as I do.I've been nagging him to get a closet kit or hire someone to build shelves in the closet like the ones you see on tv LOL I want a pretty closet!(Really,I want a Jessica Simpson closet-maybe in another life LOL)Well I finally gave up and said I was going to lowes to get a closet kit myself.Not the fancy built ins that my little heart really wants,but it's shelving and hopefully will turn our ugly,cluttered closet into something better.We'll see.That is the project in store for us this coming weekend.The next thing I have to do around the house is to re-grout the tub.We had the bathroom redone about 1 1/2 yrs ago but the seal around the tub is already coming out.The guy that did the work for us also did a bathroom for a sister and she had the same problem,so it was either the stuff he used or the way he did it.I've been nagging the hubby to do that too,LOL so I'm going to get the ball rolling.I'm tired of waiting for him to finish something that should have been done months ago.He doesn't know what's in store for his procrastinating butt,does he? ha ha ha

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

white ziti bake

Today I made my lasagna filling and instead of layering between lasagna noodles,I added ziti noodles.

2lbs turkey
minced garlic (more/less to your taste)
3 bellpeppers
sliced onions
salt/pepper to taste
neufchatel cheese (1 block)
1cup cottage cheese
shredded italian cheeses
1 box of ziti pasta

In processor,process peppers and onions till finely chopped---place aside
Brown turkey and drain--add the pepper mixture--and stir mixing well--
add the cheeses and mix well---pour into huge casserole dish and top with shredded
italian cheeses--bake 400*+ until the cheese is bubbly and brown

Sunday, January 10, 2010

new followers

THANKS!!!! to my 2 newest blog followers....thanks for following--

A Look Ahead

I picked up the things to make my "white lasagna" this weekend-except I think instead of lasagna I'm going to mix it all up and just do a casserole bake with Ziti-that's what I bought anyway LOL...I basicly cook turkey with onion and garlic and then process some bellpeppers and other veggies in the processor until they are really fine and then I mix it all together and layer with cheese and lasagna noodles and use either a white sauce from scratch or in a pinch the jarred stuff.I haven't made it in a while but am getting a taste for it.Santa brought Zach a kiddie cookbook with "no cook" recipes for rice krispy treats-so I think we'll try something out of that--even if it's just the classic rice krispy treat.He'll enjoy helping out.I saw a show on foodnetwork this weekend where the cook used crispy potato boats as like a "cup" for beef stew.That looked amazing.The trick is to get the potato shell really,really crispy.I think I'm going to try that and dish out the last of the "husband happy chili" in that and maybe do a couple for me and zach.He is in a food rut and is getting bored with pbj sandwiches LOL.It is so hard to feed my child!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

weekend cooking

Friday the hubby had to work all day-LITERALLY.He left the house about 9:30am and came home about 9:30pm.I made another crockpot full of my "happy husband chili" for the guys to eat on over the weekend and it will probably be gone tomorrow.I made a HUGE amount of spicy turkey with quinoa with black beans and corn again for myself-I made one batch with ground turkey and the other with shredded rotiss turkey breast.I made enough that should get me through the week.I meant to pick up another can of pumpkin so I can try the pumpkin muffins I made this week again.They turned out kinda dry so I want to play with the recipe a little.They were good-but DRY.

saturday outing in the frigid weather

I really had planned on staying in this weekend--ALL WEEKEND...but I wanted to go look at a couple of recliners and needed the hubby to fill out the credit app...I was getting a killer headache and needed to sit down,eat a bite,and take something for it so we ended up at Arby's.It was so funny.Usually hubby and the Zach will sit down and I'll get the order.This time Zach wanted to order for himself so we let him-he didn't want the kiddie stuff,he wanted something off the "adult menu" as he put it.He ordered a vanilla shake,curly fries,and potato cakes (he doesn't eat meat)-all off the $1 menu.He ate a few fries and a bite or two of the potato cake-and of course most of the vanilla shake.I took meds for the headache and chilled a bit with the diet soda.My son just turned 7 yrs old. My son likes girls.All kinds of girls-little girls,babies,grownups LOL...And he'll tell them too if he thinks they are pretty or if he likes their hair/hat/shirt LOL.He is a bit FLIRT.And thinks he's ready to date.He is always asking about how old you have to be to get married or go on a date or what do you do on a date and what did his dad and I do on a date.He didn't want us to see him but we couldn't help noticing that he was watching these two young teen girls.Once in the car,I asked him if he thought they were cute.He said yes,that he liked the one in the coat with the pink heart on it and with the long hair.LOL He said he wanted to date her.His dad thinks it is so cute! I told him that they were too old for him and he needed to date someone his own age.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hurry up and Wait!

We've had the threat of a "major" winter storm predicted for us since about Monday-maybe before then.Well it has been majorly COLD down here and across the south,but East Central Mississippi has only seen a few snow flurries-tiny ones at that.Temps have been falling all day and they have said they have found ice on a few roads around the county,but honestly I think we've dodged whatever bullet was aimed at us.Still have to make it through the night to see if we get any icing around the area,and they say that temps through the weekend are going to be below freezing.We'll see what happens.Hubby didn't go into work today.Most of the schools,daycares,colleges,and even a few businesses were shut today and some are going to be closed tomorrow.As far as where hubby works they are saying wait and see what happens over night.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Homeschool-feeling accomplished

After an extended thanksgiving/christmas break,we finished a reading textbook we have been reading for the past 6 months.I feel soo accomplished and proud of my son.I'm not really sure what grade level it's on but I showed it to my sister who is getting her teaching degree and she said it looked like grade 2-3 level.Zachary is 7 so that's fabulous! I'm looking for something comparable to that and am having problems finding anything.The book we just finished is an actual public school reading textbook-RAINBOW SHOWER by Scott/Foresman/and company and says level 5 on the back of the book but I do not know if that is the actual grade level or exactly what that means.The stories have been perfect for Zach and he has really enjoyed reading them.I do have some workbooks and other books we can read until I find something that will suit us but it is frustrating.There is the library too but sometimes getting out to it is a pain.He is also doing quite well in math.He is doing addition (double and triple digit problems) in his head.We will ask him a question and he'll answer so quickly.The other day we were at the pharmacy and spent like $55.The pharmacist asked him how much more would it be to make it $100.He answered 45! They get a kick out of him-they are always saying how smart he is.He is also doing multiplication in his head.So I'm thinking about bumping him up in math but want to make sure we don't skip anything along the way.We've been taking it slowly this week trying to wean him back into the study routine.

Mississippi is under a state of emergency......

Forecasters say a major winter storm is headed our way.They are predicting ice/sleet/freezing rain/and snow-I think they are just covering all the bases cause they don't know WHAT kind of weather we are going to get.All schools in the witer storm area (just about the whole state) are closed tomorrow-and day cares and colleges are sending out closing alerts.I got word that the Navy Base where the hubbs works will be closed to all non essential workers tomorrow-I hoped he would get off early so he could pick up a few things I forgot at the store today but he had not even heard they were not working tomorrow.They are saying the past few days that we've seen the coldest temps since they began keeping records of weather events here in the 1940s-and that even colder temps are expected.A few days ago they said we might get 4-6 inches of snow but have since backed off that prediction.Like I said it's a guessing game as of now.I hope everyone is ready for whatever comes and stays warm and snugg at home.The slightest few inches of snow can shut the town down-LITERALLY.I think for us,the biggest fear is losing power for any legnth of time.That would mean no heat-and if it lasted longer than a day probably losing whatever we have in the freezer.But if it is cold enough outside we could always put it in coolers in the back yard I guess LOL.We have a fireplace but "someone" (I won't name names) had the smart idea of closing it up so he could put dog photos on the front of it.HMMF looking at dog pics ain't going to keep us warm.I noticed today that the 3 plants I left out on the front porch are dead-they are black and all icky looking.I will have to empty the pots and toss as soon as the winter weather is gone in a few days.I had left them out because little birdies had taken up residence and I didn't want the birdies to be displaced when I would bring them inside so I'm not surprised or too terribly upset.It'll give me an excuse to hit the garden center when the warm weather returns.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mexican Shephard's Pie

The hubby wanted me to make shephard's pie the other night but without the french cut green beans in it.What used to be one of his fave veggies has now turned into something he won't eat.Go figure! I didn't have many spare veggies on hand so I thought I would turn it into a mexican version by adding black beans and the leftover "happy husband chili" I had from the weekend.I mixed all that up and topped it with what cheese I had on hand and topped it all off with mashed potatoes.The guys ate it.Grandpa's even gone back a time or two for the leftovers.

Turkey Hash

I eat alot of turkey,just ask my husband-he swears he's sprouting feathers.I wanted to try something new,so I browned up a pan of diced hash browns (the kind in the bag with the peppers added).I put them on paper towels to drain while I cooked the turkey.Once it was all done I mixed it together and ate it on soft taco shells.WEIRD,I know.But it was what I was craving at the time and it was good.The leftovers went into a tupperware bowl of leftover quinoa and black beans I had in the fridge.I've been eating on that a few days-YUMMMM.It is sooo good!

Pumpkin Muffins

I had a big can of Pumpkin Pie Mix and had been hankering for some pumpkin bread,but the last time I made it something didn't turn out right.So I pulled the label off the can and found a recipe for Pumpkin Muffins.

I didn't make the strussel topping because I was rushed for time,so I just sprinkled a little more oatmeal on top and they turned out FABULOUS! I think I ate 3 while they were still warm!

Winter Weather

IT IS COLD--no it's more than C-O-L-D here.They are saying it's some of the coldest weather we've gotten since 1940something.As of the weather forecast on the local news tonight,they are backing off such a high chance of snow and now saying rain/freezing rain/sleet and some snow.How much? I don't think they have a clue what is going to happen weatherwise for us.But they know it will be COLD! LOL yeah I could have told them that.

Monday, January 4, 2010

You gotta be kidding me! 4-6inches of snow? In Mississippi?

Just checked my local weather and it says that there is a major snow storm headed our way-I saw a few flurries this morning,but it's a grey,COLD,day.Last time I checked our temps it was 29*F...BRRR I think tonight and tomorrow night it's supposed to be in the teens.Good cuddling up with a warm cup of cocoa and a good book weather if you ask me.We got a dusting of snow late last year but it was gone as soon as the sun came out.Before that I think we got snow in 2007-in my area we got about 2-3inches.Some surrounding areas got like maybe 4inches.So if our weather man is right we are in for some fierce weather! Can't remember the last time the predicted a "major" snow event for MS.I'll check back in with you if it happens.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Quinoa.....For breakfast?

I had my doubts,believe me,but with a few good spices and a little agave nectar and raisins,quinoa did make a good breakfast.I want to try with apples but have to make a trip to the store before that will happen.And I think next timeI'll add a little soy milk.This is definately a keeper breakfast recipe.

Breakfast Quinoa
1 cup quinoa
1 1/2 cup water (usually 1cup quinoa/1cup water but that never works for me)
dash cinnamon
dash pumpkin pie spice
handful of rasins

cook quinoa as usual but add the all but the agave nectar while it is cooking-add agave nectar and raisins in the serving dishes.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Quinoa Lunch

OK.I don't make resolutions cause we all know they don't end up lasting.But I do take inventory of what's going on in my life and try to make changes-not just at New Year but several times throughout the year.One thing I definately need to do as a diabetic is eat healthier.Breakfast is a big challenge for me.Lately,I've been craving scrambled egg sandwiches.If you have the right bread it can be low carb but the bread I have now is not.I need to get some more Ezekiel bread.That is sooo good-pricey definately worth it.

I have a bag of quinoa I've been trying to use up.And honestly,I had gotten bored with it a little.Today I surfed around online and found a few new recipes I am definately going to try-one of them is a breakfast recipe-I found a few of those actually and am quite excited to try them.Once I do,I'll be sure to share all the tasty details.Today I made some turkey black bean "burgers" and some quinoa with spicy corn and black beans.I drizzled a little spicy mustard on the burgers and it was delish.I have leftovers since hubby doesn't eat turkey willingly (except at the holidays).


The hubby really loves this recipe.I usualy make it with stew meat but he said he thought it would be good with burger meat.He likes it even better that way.He can easily eat on this throughout the weekend and still have some to take to work Monday-usually LOL.

Happy Husband Chili
3lbs burger meat
2-3 jars of salsa (I used store brand medium heat level)
1 small can of mexicorn
1 can of diced tomatoes with green chilis
few tbs of flour to thicken
about 1 cup of tomato/veggie juice to thicken
1 can of black beans
1 can of red kidney beans
1 can of chili beans
salt/pepper to taste
few tsp of taco seasonings
1-2 tbs of garlic

brown burger mean-drain-put back into pot--add flour and stir well,cooking a few mins--add the veggie/tomato juice--add the beans (drained/rinsed,tomatoes and corn--bring to bubble and then turn heat down to a simmer.Can serve with sour cream and corn chips if you wish.