Wednesday, April 27, 2011

WICKED WEATHER............

I love spring time-all the flowers and trees blooming again, all the little squirrels out again--but hate the storms. And this April has been a wicked weather month for sure. To say I hate stormy weather is an understatement. I lived in causeyville/long creek when the tornado came through that hit the middle school and then a few months later another came through with Hurricane Andrew.The first storm came in the middle of the night and just hop-scotched through our neighborhood. Luckily for us,our trucks were the only things that were damaged (scratched up by flying debris). After we got dressed in the pitch black darkness, we decided that we didn't want to stay in the house-we were going to an inlaw's house (safety in numbers). Once we got out into our driveway it was like a war-zone. Houses and debris were all over the road.We were very lucky. Neighbors all around us lost their homes or had damaged roofs. It's the storm that whisked a new baby out of it's home. They thought for sure the baby was a gonner as they searched for him. Luckily they found him hanging by his PJs in a tree. They called him the "Timex Baby"-takes a lickin' but keeps on tickin'--I think they even did a timex ad with him. That was a few houses over from us.My sister's husband and the older boys helped to get a neighbor out of her house and helped to remove some trees off the road. What would have normally taken about a 15 minute drive took over an hour. Every road we went down had something blocking the way. We slept at the neighbor's house for the rest of the night. The 2nd tornado actually tore part of the roof off our house right above my bedroom. My nerves were shot! For a while,any storm that came through sent me into a panic. I'm not as ansy now,but really bad weather (tornadic storms) still rattle my nerves. This morning I was awakened by very high winds (70-80mph+) that blew for about 30 mins. You could hear the trees swaying and the branches creeking. Luckily it was just a thunderstorm with high winds and not a tornado. Some trees were blown down and some areas of town were w/o power for a while this morning. Some schools in neighboring counties closed. We are supposed to get another round of bad weather later this afternoon-just what I need LOL. Hopefully it won't be bad and I will be able to make it to a manicure appointment. I need a little relaxation.