Thursday, June 9, 2011

Had nerve conduction test done today...........

Can we say OUCH!!? The tech that did the first part of the test was training a new girl and I understand that but OUCH!! That hurt! And it took twice as long because she was training her. And why did noone tell me that they stick you with needles too!? I mean come on,warn,a woman,please! That part didn't really hurt too bad-they were thin needles kinda like accupuncture needles and a few of them only hurt when I had to move certain parts of my hand/arm with the needles still there. One part was he would push down on my arm and I had to push his arm away--I couldn't do it with my left arm. That worries me some. I have to wait to get the results from my other doctor,so it will probably be next week sometime. The test was at 9am and my left palm up by my thumb hurts like HECK from where he stuck the needle. I toughed it out all day but ended up taking mega ibuprofen a few hours ago-can't tell it's kicked in yet. I HURT!!!!

And I didn't have a sitter so I had to take my 8 yr old with me. He was sooo ansy and irritable. Next time I'm scheduling when hubby can stay with him. REALLY! I found out late yesterday after my pedicure appt that I had another dr appt scheduled for late this afternoon (my sleep study dr) and I thought I'd be able to make it but both kiddo and I were tired and too grumpy to even attempt it-my hands hurting didn't help any so I had to reschedule that.

On a brighter note I can not wait until tomorrow. Our homeschool group is celebrating the end of another school year tomorrow with a pool party (although some of us will continue to do schoolwork with our kids throughout the summer). Food,good friends,more food and fun time in the pool. What could be better!? I had ordered a new swimsuit especially for this party as a kind of splurge for myself and it shipped out earlier this week but instead of the delivery guys bringing it to my house they took it to the post office-so it won't come in till tomorrow around 4pm....BLAH!!!! I guess next time I'll pay extra for shipping.....


Anonymous said...

Oh man, I'm sorry to hear that test hurt. Ick! Hopefully they have the results soon, so you can learn what the next course of action needs to be.

The irritable child thing definitely makes everything more difficult to deal with, I think. I've been through plenty of that!

Enjoy the pool party!