Monday, August 1, 2011

signed up at the surgery center

NEW UPDATE---I have decided to cancel the upcoming surgery. I just don't feel my ailment is bad enough to warrant surgery at this time. I kinda feel like my dr is looking at it as the only option. I'm going to use the hand splint when I have hurting spells and if I need to search out a new one.

Well I dropped the dr's orders off and filled out all the pre-surgery paperwork this morning. I also found out some good news about an insurance billing question I had.Back last year when I found out that surgery might be in my future,I checked to see how our insurance covered it. They told me as long as I used NETWORK drs,that it would be FULLY covered-as in NO OUT OF POCKET for me. I called them again last week to double check on that and they told me that they place the surgery will be done at isn't in network so I was freaking out about that. Well today after talking with the billing clerk at the center,she told me that things had changed and it was fully covered with my insurance. BIG RELIEF!!! So now...the countdown starts. I hate the thought of surgery. If my hand and fingers weren't numb all the time,believe me,I wouldn't be going through this. I just hope it works for me.

Another countdown is the countdown to AUTUMN. Today is the first day of AUGUST. September 21 can't get here soon enough. I hope we have a crisp fall and cold winter. I am so tired of 100 degree weather.