Monday, October 3, 2011

I love getting a deal......

I have been wanting to get Tinkie a new dog-bed for a while now. Her old one was one that she had when she was still a puppy,and needless to say,her 19 pound butt had outgrown it. I had been looking at walmart,but just couldn't make up my mind on what style I wanted. This past weekend,I decided I needed more of a selection,so I went to petco. They had alot of things on clearance. I got a bag of greenies for 50% off and a HUGE "orthapedic" doggie bed for 50% off,too! I picked up an "I LOVE MY DOGGIE" footprint magnet for the car (maybe it will help me find it when I get lost in the parking lot) and a bag of oatmeal/cranberry bones. She's a happy,spoiled doggie!


ArtemisiaFSS said...

Fenris loves those oatmeal and cranberry bones.