Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine's Day.....Love it or hate it?

I love the IDEA of Valentine's Day---sweet,romantic gestures,flowers and chocolates for your sweetie. But in real life,it's just an over-commercialized holiday filled with alot of hype from the candy and card biz. But then romance isn't "real life" is it? I'm kind of in the middle on how I feel about it all-I mean sure,like every other girl,I like to be pampered and reminded how much my other half loves me,but I'm like if you can't show me on the other 364 days of the year,then don't just go out and buy crap because it's Valentine's Day. Buy me flowers on a Thursday-for no other reason than you were thinking about me and knew it would make me smile. Now for Valentine's Day this year,I told the other half to write me a love letter. That's all I want. I told him he lost the romance about halfway through our first year of marriage. Happens to alot of husbands,doesn't it? I know he loves me and he tells me all the time,but he just isn't good with the romance. OK enough philosophy for one day,it's making my head hurt! I saw these recipes on facebook of all places-well the ocean spray facebook page. Can we say CRANBERRIES!? I love cranberries-add in a little~OK ALOT of chocolate!That's what a girl wants anyway,isn't it? CHOCOLATE-CHOCOLATE and love letters-the perfect Valentine's Day treats!

Ocean Spray Black Forest Cookies

Chewey Cherry Brownies

I made the brownies as a valentine's day treat and the brownie mix I picked up was a MOCHA one--OH MY STARS!!!! I can't wait to try them!