Saturday, April 7, 2012

Kitchen Happenings......

I had planned on making another batch of the chicken "white chili" I made a few weeks ago,but ended up not adding the spices,so it was just chicken soup,I guess.
No recipe,really,I just kind of put it all together--spinach,ground chicken,cannellini beans.

I picked up a few zucchini at the store the other day after seeing a recipe for zucchini potato pancakes.I made them for breakfast this morning. They were really good-wish I would have had some apple sauce to top them with.I used this recipe from FOOD NETWORK. The husband can be wary of some of the recipes I try sometimes,so he was less than enthusiastic when I mentioned it this morning. I got one of those wrinkled up nose "say what?" looks. Since it didn't sound like he was going to try them,I got things ready to freeze them.By the time I made it into the kitchen,he was working on his second one! "These are good" was the response. SHEESH! When will he learn this mama doesn't make bad food! (Just don't ask about the peanut sauce I tried a few years ago-that did NOT turn out!)