Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Countdown to Christmas

Well the party went well---Even though there was a hitch or two along the way LOL.If you look close at the bone cake you will see the #6 birthday candle--all fine and dandy right? It would have been if my kid wasn't 7! I can NOT believe that noone caught it or said anything-not even my son.I guess he was so caught up in the moment of blowing out the candle and the excitement of the party that he it just didn't click.I guess somehow we had a 6 and 7 birthday candle.That's a definately memory book story-LOL I'll tell him he was "blowing away" his 6th year or something like that LOL-make it sound philosophical.The kids had fun-pin the tail on the puppy game was a hit.It was a nasty,chilly,rainy day so we couldn't play outside,but the kids had a blast anyway.I love the company and the kids but I am really really really glad it's all over.I need a double dose of CALGON!

I'm supposed to have a get together Saturday with a girlfriend and her little boy so the kids can exchange christmas presents and play a little while.Then Sunday 3 of my sisters are coming to my house for tea or coffee and snacks.I'm thinking finger sandwiches and little party crackers and cookies.I'm going to try to do those little cocktail weinies in the crockpot if I can come up with a fancy little sauce.I can't do anything with tomatoes cause I"m allergic so I will have to get creative.I found some made out of TURKEY this year-and the are delish.I've already "sampled" two packages.

Then the next week I have to find a day to go out and see family.Then it's christmas dinner at our house.Just zachary,myself,hubby,and his dad.I can't believe it's so close to Christmas! December has just flown by.Every year I say I'm not going to get stressed but I do.I think that's going to be a new year's resolution for me---to not stress so much.I got a new yoga dvd to do with zachary.I think I'm going to look at their website and find another couple.I'm also going to make more ME time next year-I've already warned the hubbs that I'm going to be going to the salon for manis/pedis every two weeks.It's really more affordable that I had thought and it's just a few blocks from our house.I deserve it!