Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Count down to birthday.....

My son will be 7 years old saturday. In 2 1/2 days 5 4-8yr olds will invade my house looking for cake and ice cream and party games. I AM NOT READY! I've thought about cancelling but that would not sit will with my son.So I've gotta trudge along and get the house cleaned,get his cake made (2nd yr in a row he's requested strawberry),make the cake for the grown ups.Not going from scratch except for the icing on the grown ups cake.I just don't have the energy this year.The theme is puppies.So we are going to play "pin the tail on the pup" and pin the spot on the pup (dalmation).BIG BIG BIG thanks goes out to my very talented nephew for drawing out the dalmation.I can't draw a straight line with a ruler! I wish he would pursue his talent-this young man can draw just about anything he wants! Today we got the tv in his room hooked up to cable as part of his birthday present.He's very excited about being able to watch cartoons in his room.**sigh** Then after the birthday party I have another party with 3 of my sisters that next weekend and another small get together with a friend and her son and then in a few days it'll be CHRISTMAS.I have a few more items to pick up and we'll be done.December always is stressful for me-even though each year I tell my self don't worry,it'll all take care of itself,I still manage to get stressed.