Friday, December 31, 2010

new year cometh.......

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Stay safe tonight if you're out and about this New Year's Eve.

In the south,we eat certain foods on New Year's Day to bring luck to us in the upcoming year.

New Year's Day Menu

Black eyed peas
Collard greens with turnip roots
"fried"/baked chicken strips
iced tea

Friday, December 24, 2010

2010 is almost over.........

Just taking a few mins to wish all my readers (yes,every single one of you!) a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Or if that's not your holiday,I wish you a very merry "whatever" LOL....May it be filled with lots of good food,family,friends, and merriment. I can not believe it is almost 2011. I can not believe my son just turned 8 years old. That is amazing to me. I don't do the resolutions-because we all know they get thrown out after a few weeks. What I do is make a mental note of some things I want to work on through the year-kinda like resolutions,I guess but not as formal. This year I want to blog on a more regular basis. I want to spend more quality FUN time with my child. I want to lose some of the stress. I want to put more effort into things that I enjoy doing and into MYSELF in general. Sometimes as moms,we tend to lose those little things that bring us joy and focus more on our families-not a bad thing--but we need to realize that moms need to be happy too. I want to stash more $$ into savings. What are some of your things to do in 2011?

Eating better in the new year

I think like alot of people,we are eating better now that we KNOW better-as in knowing what's really in our foods and knowing how they are REALLY made. One thing I'm trying to do with my son is to take him off food colorings and HFCS (high fructose corn syrup). His fave flavor juice pouch-capri sun has HFCS in it. I thought it was a pretty good choice (roaring waters cherry) until I took a closer look at the label and saw it listed. **SIGH** so I bought two of the other 100% fruit juice (no colorings/hfcs) flavors (apple juice and berry fruit punch) and he won't touch them. Now as a baby/toddler he drank 100% pure apple juice boxes all the time. Now he won't touch it. He's been drinking more water lately and soy chocolate milk too. He has had a thing for reading food labels since he could read so now I'm teaching him to look for the food colorings and HFCS.

He's been on strattera for almost a full week now. We only have a few mins of fuss over taking it now and that's a big relief after our last try where he would literally put himself into an anxiety attack over swallowing a the pill. We've gone back to hiding it into a spoon of pudding. He's proud of himself for swallowing it. We up the dosage in a few days and go to the regular dosage his dr will put him on. I hope this works.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holiday Menu

cranberry glazed turkey meatballs and cocktail weinies
chips and crackers with hummus and artichoke dip
hashbrown casserole

panettone bread pudding

turkey breakfast sausage


Cranberry glazed ham
buttery mashed potatoes
turnip gratin
pumpkin cheesecakes
**fruity pavlova
parmesan brussel sprouts
homemade cranberry sauce

Monday, December 13, 2010

Well the bowling party was a big hit....

Bowling birthday party----he's even got the "bowler's" stance....might be a pro one day? Maybe....

snuggly and warm in her blue fleece hoodie....

All decked out in her fuzzy skull hoodie.....

Everyone had fun-adults included I think. The kids bowled and laughed and had a ball. Even a few grown nephews that had never bowled before had a blast. I am going to have them over again soon and take them bowling again. It was fun to watch them. The cupcakes turned out fabulous-thanks to Jessica. I'm going to have to get her recipe and maybe share it on here. Now that my son is 8 and the parties are over,now it's time to breathe a little easier and relax a bit and enjoy the holidays. The next 10 days or so are going include making decorations and baking and decorating lots and lots of cookies with my son. It's gotten C-O-L-D way down here in Mississippi. It's sooooo cold....Just ask my Tinkie-pooh. She's had to wear a sweater a few times when we've gone out for a walk....

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Just sayin'

I love these shoes on the background of my blog.....Going to have to see if I can find me some pink heels! I haven't worn heels since I was working at a bank and we had to wear "dressy" clothes. ;)

Chocolate Rice Krispies.......a nice little pick me up....

My neice was chatting today about making Rice Krispy Treats and that this was her third try of the day and that the other 2 didn't turn out. Well she was using marshmallow fluff in the jar instead of real marshmallows. In the third batch,she used real marshmallows and all was right! I've been wanting Rice Krispy Treats too. I decided to go see what I could find in my pantry-I knew I had marshmallows (french vanilla,gingerbread, and some goofy shapes leftover from Halloween). I used all of the french vanilla marshmallows plus a few of the halloween shaped ones. I didn't think that gingerbread plus vanilla would go to well together. I used a quick and easy recipe from a little "no cook" cookbook that I got for Zachary last christmas.

Chocolate Rice Krispies

6cups chocolate rice krispies
4cups marshmallows
3TBS butter

place butter and marshmallows into a microwave safe bowl and "cook" on high for 1minute-stir and cook as needed for 30seconds more until marshmallows are melted and when stirred they are smooth---add 6 cups of cereal into a large bowl--pour in the marshmallows and stir well until all cereal is coated--place in buttered casserole dish and chill in the fridge until set.