Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dinner for a cold night...........

Crunchy Chicken Tenders

HAPPY HUSBAND CHILI--a real pleaser at our house.....

5lbs ground beef (or chicken or turkey)
3 large jars of black bean sala with corn
beans (usually use kidney beans and chili beans)
salt/pepper/chili seasonings to taste
jar of tomato juice

brown the meat in skillet until done and drain- add salt and pepper--add in beans and the salsa--might have to add in a little tomato juice to make the "sauce" thinner if desired--bring everything back up to a simmer and serve--

**I usually use canned kidney beans,black beans,and chili beans but this time I used dried mixed beans and kidney beans---so I soaked and cooked the beans separately--if you are using canned beans you can just add to the meat after draining.

Crunchy Chicken Tenders
1 sleeve of ritz crackers pounded into crumbs
chicken tenders

Put ritz crackers into a zippie bag and pound with rolling pin to make crumbs--drop one chicken tender at a time into the zippie bag and "shake" to coat with the crumbs-repeat with remaining tenders-place into a baking pan sprayed with cooking spray-bake at 475-495*F until brown and crispy--

Well,we survived the Great Ice Storm of 2011. It's so cold outside that you need a good,hearty meal to warm you up from the inside. Tonight,I made HAPPY HUSBAND CHILI for the guys and Crunchy Chicken Tenders for myself-since I can't eat anything with tomatoes in it (allergies).