Saturday, January 22, 2011

Weekend Helper....the Crockpot

I'm always looking for something I can make that can feed the guys for a few days-HAPPY HUSBAND CHILI and BEANS AND SAUSAGE are two things I can easily make in larger batches. I usually do this with the beans from a 16 bean soup mix (without the mix because it's way too salty),but the guys needed something different so I grabbed a bag of mixed beans-I think it was cranberry beans and white beans.I soaked the beans overnight. In the morning, I drained and rinsed them and put them in the crockpot to cook a while on HIGH. Later in the day when the beans were getting soft, I added in a package of turkey kelbasa (cut into bite size chunks) and 1/2 a large onion (roughly diced). This will cook for a few more hours while I run out and have fun bowling with the boys. If I'm feeling up to it when we get home,I'll either make a pan of quickie cornbread or a package or two of brown rice and serve it over that.