Saturday, September 24, 2011


I hope this isn't another trick of the weather teasing us with fall like temps. I'm not a big coffee drinker,but this week I've been enjoying cups of cappuccino out on the porch when I take Tinkie out for her daily romps. I love feeling the slight nip in the air-granted at the moment the temps are in the 60s in the mornings,but compared to how it has been for us this year,it's a welcome respite. I love sitting around in warm pj pants and fuzzy socks working on cross stitch projects or flipping through recipe magazines. I haven't tried out any of the new recipes yet,but hopefully I will get to them soon. I pulled out a few of the fall decorations the other day and the front porch is all decked out. I want to get some fall flowers and maybe one of those "scarecrow" stand up things to go by the front door,but haven't found any that I like.Tomorrow is hubby's birthday--the big 43! Zach and I are going to bake a chocolate cake later this afternoon. He already got his gifts-the massage chair (anniversary/birthday combo) and a trip to the salon yesterday for a pedicure--I bet the girls had fun with him!


Anonymous said...

Happy Fall to you and happy birthday to your hubby!

emma ponce said...

Happy Fall! You are sooo lucky here in Miami Fall does not exist.
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