Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Dinner...............

I need to make a final grocery shopping list--I hope to be able to say I won't need to step foot in the stores again until after Christmas. I plan on running errands Friday-the husband will be off and I can put him to work helping me with the groceries. Instead of the usual holiday turkey,this year the husband wants to do a ham. I picked that up today. I'm not sure if I'm going to use the glaze that came with it,or see if I can find a recipe online. Last week,I picked up a jar of citrus marmalade and had thought about using that on the ham. I've also been thinking about doing the "dr pepper" ham glaze. As far as the rest of the menu,I'm making more of the same pumpkin cheesecakes I made at Thanksgiving. I found some rolls at the store I want to get. The husband wants sweet potato casserole with brown sugar and marshmallows. We need something GREEN,so it'll either be fancy french green beans or brussel sprouts--OR BOTH! I'm thinking we need something else to round things out,but am not sure what else to make. I thought about making a homemade apple pie,but am not sure if I have the energy.


Anonymous said...

I just can't believe how busy you've been with baking. Phew, lady! You've got much more energy than I do. :D