Friday, May 7, 2010

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY----------EARLY.......

pretty heart necklace with pink stones--chain is too short so hubby's gotta get me a longer one.....

calla lillies-I got matching pots for each side of the porch....and a big bushy green fern (pic wouldn't upload)

pretty cake-zachary couldn't wait to dive into it!

The kiddo's good mood quickly turned FOUL this afternoon after we came home from shopping at Sam's,so after a quick bite to eat,I made him lay down for a time to settle down and of course he fell asleep-mom did too.The hubby took this time to go out shopping for mother's day-even though I told him that I wanted him to take Zachary WITH HIM this year. It's always cute to see Zach try to sneak in the other room with daddy to sign the mother's day card and to then bring in whatever the present is with a big grin.This year it was a pretty pink cake along with flowers and a necklace from the hubby. LOL Doesn't this man know I'm on a diet? and trying to avoid SUGAR? LOL I think he bought the cake so he could eat it too LOL.HMMMM It's pretty and yes I love all the gifts....The hubby--he means

After that huge breakfast fiasco LOL,lunch was a grilled chicken salad.Supper was a a braised chicken salad with an apple and a few pita chips instead of croutons.I think I did pretty good.I'm going to get another bike workout in--it's almost 90degrees out there today in East Central Mississippi....ICK HOT!!! GOTTA LOVE THE a/c.