Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Quickie update........a new week....

Sorry for not posting last week-had a full agenda with visits to the dentist and allergy dr for the kiddo and a full week of trying to keep up with the laundry and trying to stay sane LOL.After a 2 week break from our homeschool studies,I think the boredome has set in for my son. LOL We will start again next week but at a more relaxed pace than normal (since it is summer break). Zachary went swimming at with one of our friends friday and had an absolute blast! He has never been in a BIG POOL-just the kiddie blow up pools that we have had in the backyard every summer LOL. He really surprised us at how quickly he acclimated to the water.Once we showed him how to lay/float in an innertube,he was all set.He was trying to sneak over to the deeper end by the time we left--he was getting brave! We missed the deadline to sign up for swimming lessons both at the local park and at "college for kids".A friend gave me the email of a local swim coach so I'm hoping she can set us up with someone reliable-still haven't heard back from her. As for exercise last week,I did pretty well-alot of leg lifts and walks with the dog. The menu was ok till the end of the week and with the hubby off work for 4 days it kinda went down hill--not that I ate badly,I just ate more than usual. So it's back on the wagon for me bright and early Monday morning....Anyone else's husband drive them as batty as mine does sometimes? ;)