Sunday, May 23, 2010

so much for good intensions

Last week was kind of a set back-at least emotionally for me.I've been struggling with high blood sugar levels probably since back last year-whenever I'd get them under control,I'd get sick (usually with a sinus infection) and have to go on meds which would then cause the blood sugars to SKY ROCKET for as long as I was on the meds.It's been a real blood sugar roller coaster.Well,last week I decided I was going to get them down no matter what-I counted carbs like a mad woman and it still was high.And I had been doing good exercising every day till the high blood sugars took over.When blood sugars get to a certain point (for me 300+) if I exercise,they go even higher.So I wasn't able to exercise all week-except for leg lifts.I did a TON of leg lifts LOL.Friday,I had had enough and put a call into the drs office and asked if I could add another dose of one of my meds.The dr called in a stronger medicine.So this is my first day on it,we'll see what happens.