Tuesday, May 4, 2010

a Tuesday in May

We had our "end of year" homeschool party today. A few of the families were going out of town in the next few weeks so this was the best time to have it where everyone could attend. It was fun--fun games,funny kids, great food and company. It was a great day. Could have been about 20-30 degrees cooler for my taste LOL but it there was a nice breeze blowing,so it really didn't feel that hot. Zachary got over heated,but with his fair complexion it's easy to do. On the way home he said he was tired. When we got home,I got him into the tub and he cooled down and played. On the way home,he also asked if we were having a summer. I knew that was coming! LOL he's figured out that summer means NO SCHOOL/HOMEWORK! LOL Well, we homeschool all year,but we definately slow things down a bit during summer and do it at a slower pace. I knew I was going to be in trouble when he found out the TRUE MEANING OF SUMMER LOL!