Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Recent GOOD DEALS that I have found......

My sister swears I can smell a deal from 20paces at walmart.LOL Well,I did work at walmart for almost 8 years---most of that time being spent in the layaway department (oh the holidays I could tell you about LOL). I love to shop. And I love a good deal. And I love anything that will help make my house smell fresher. I love those new auto air-fresheners that they have out now--the motion activated ones. I have one in the bathroom and now thanks to a good deal,one in the living room,too. I found a $2 coupon in the Sunday paper and I think the retail price was over $5 so I paid $3 for a starter kit. I love it! I'm always looking for a deal on bedding. About a week ago I was taking a short cut through the sheets/bedspreads and happened to notice that they had quilts on clearance. I got a kingsize patchwork quilt for $21--regular $40+. I LOVE IT!!!! I'm going to change the bedding tomorrow and will post a pic of my pretty find.