Thursday, September 23, 2010

been busy.......

Well we're in the full swing of the new school term for us and things are going well. He's also been on meds for add/adhd for about a month and we are seeing some great results. We are having more good days than bad. And the bad spells are most of the time followed by quick appologies. Now if they had a magic pill to take away some of the hard-headedness he has life would be perfect LOL. Kidding-it's pretty OK now. We visited friends,yesterday so Zach and the girls could get some play time in and my friend showed me some of the new things she was doing in her homeschool routine this year and let me just say,"SUSAN,you are the organized,curriculum QUEEN!" LOL I'm hoping to be able to start and KEEP up some of the tips she shared with me. I've been trying to get us organized since around Kindergarten and we're now in 2nd grade and I don't feel sooo together at all! LOL Now just gotta hit the store and get some files and divider thingies! hee hee hee I ordered some add-ons we're going to use in our curriculum today too-I can't wait for them to get here.

Fall is here! YAY~! I feel sooo alive at the change of seasons this time of year. I love Autumn and all the harvest celebrations and good plain fun that comes with this time of year-and the food--Squash,apples,OH MY! I get into a baking mood and just want to cook everything! I'm already thinking about Thanksgiving menu! Yesterday I baked an Orange-Zucchini loaf and a Pear/Cranberry "crumble"--can we say DELISH! It was fabulous! I'll see if I can find links to share for those interested.

Dieting hasn't been going so well.I haven't gone up or gone down so I guess that's good. It's just at a standstill. Now that the weather is cooling down,I hope to get out more and walk more. The hubby doesn't like me to go out alone in our neighborhood with the puppy and kiddo,so now that his schedule is changing in a few days he won't have any excuse not to join us in our jaunts around the neighborhood! Maybe the walks will do him some good too.

OK-can't get the link thingie to work today so if you're interested in the recipes I used check out:

and search for** Pear-Dried Cranberry Crisp**

and check out:

and go back through their older posts until you find**Zucchini Orange Loaf**

**maybe you can copy/paste and get the mennonite girls recipe to come up.....