Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Winding-down Wednesday

The past few days have been crazy busy for us. Both Zach and I have had dr appointments at the crack of dawn both Monday and Tuesday. And wouldn't you know it,my child that's usually up BEFORE the crack of dawn decided to take those days as sleep late days. Now for both of us because we take meds/vitamins in the mornings,SOMETHING for breakfast is a must-even if it's just a quickie yogurt smoothie. We have to have something in the morning! OR ELSE! So from the time I got up,it felt like I was in a race with the clock-I hate days like that. I am trying to get on a better schedule for us as a family and with our homeschooling. And I hate anything that takes us off schedule-even if we are just getting on one. And both days I was thrown for a loop. Add in a messy house that I just didn't have the energy to deal with and a TON of laundry that had been nicely waiting for me to put it away,some PMSing,2 allergy shots and a flu shot, and I was just overwhelmed and exhausted. I told the hubby that HELL OR HIGH WATER I was NOT going anywhere today--and I would probably spend the day in pjs. Well I'm in shorts,but it's been a good day. I got all the laundry folded and put away and our side of the house swept and mopped and the next round of laundry separated and lugged down to the laundry room. We've had morning devotional--meaning Zach has read another chapter in his kid's bible. Today he learned about Adam and a little about the Garden of Eden. We're on lunch break and I had the intentions of organizing more of our lessons for the year--I will get to that soon,but had to do a little blogging. I was inspired this morning. I have the intent to share a little of what we do as lessons every day on our homeschooling blog. I want to get back to posting more recipes here. Lately our dinners haven't been very inspiring-they've been quick and easy and not too elegant LOL. Hopefully that will change. I just need to go through my cooking magazines and favorite cookbooks. I love fall cooking. And Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas cooking---I'm sooo ready to put some meal plans in order for those special days.