Sunday, November 27, 2011

No more turkey leftovers!

Well,there is officially no more turkey in the house. I'm going to go through the fridge and see what else is ready to be thrown out. Most of the leftover turkey was eaten,not thrown out. I know we have dressing,cranberry sauce,and veggies. I think I might morph the veggies into sides for today's meal. There are 2 more cheesecakes and a sweet potato pie in the fridge-but grandpa's working on those. I put some of the cakes in the freezer,but left a few slices out for snacking. By far,the fave desserts this year was the chocolate chip pumpkin cake,the sweet potato pie, and the apple butter cheesecake. Next time I make a sweet potato pie,I am going to add a little more spice to it--that's all it needs,it was delicious! And the cheesecakes didn't firm up as much as I would have liked,so next time,I'm going to try adding more neufchatel cheese and see how that works. Zachary announced that he wanted me to buy a can of pumpkin each week when we go shopping,so he can have pumpkin pie each week! That sounds like a pretty good idea to me too! I better stock up on pumpkin now while it's easy to find. For little happies for a few special people, I'm going to make mini loaves of the chocolate chip pumpkin cake.

Next weekend,we will have my son's 9th birthday party. I can NOT believe he will be 9yrs old.I wanted to have the party out of the house this year so I wouldn't have to worry with all the cleaning and prep for having people over to the house,but it didn't work out that way. I don't really mind it,but it stresses the hubby out and you know how that works. **sigh** He wanted to have just family over,but there weren't any kids Zach's age,so I told him we had to invite some kid friends,too. I plan on making my special chili and getting a couple of ice cream cakes and calling that a party. I chose chili because it's something that everyone can eat(gluten free-can be made vegan easily). I usually bake a couple of cakes and decorate them myself,but this year,I'm taking the easy way out and getting ice cream cakes. Fun,tasty,and easy on mom. Now just have to get a few balloons/streamers/kid favors and we'll be set. I am going to have hubby set up a couple of kid-friendly games downstairs along with the air-hockey table. I think it'll be a blast!