Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Doctor

A few weeks ago I went for the dreaded yearly gyn visit.Things were OK but because of family history and the health concerns I had during/after pregnancy,my dr wanted me to get established with a cardiologist.Gotta love genetics-there are strokes,heart attacks,diabetes galor in my family tree.Yesterday was the first visit with Dr Rodriguez.She was a fabulous dr.Like my gyn,she sits down and really talks and listens to the patients-not just the typical office visit. They did an EKG and it was normal thank goodness.They want to schedule a sleep study for me.I told them there was no way I could go in clinic to have that done because the hubby worked over night and there was noone who could be with my son,so they are seeing about renting the equipment and doing the sleep study at my house.Kinda dread it but it will be alot easier to do it this way than the hubby to get time off work-plus zach doesn't go to sleep well for his daddy either LOL. They are doing an echo-cardiogram on me in about 2 weeks.She said that the blood pressure looked SO GOOD that if I can get other numbers improved over the next 6 months that possibly I could come off the blood pressure medicine-that kinda worries me because I've been on some type of bp medicine since the late 1990s-but I will discuss that with her when the time comes.She wants me to walk 30mins per week 5xs per day-in addition to what else I'm doing.Things are crazy stressful at home right now-with working on Zach's asperger's issues and the husband's schedule and just typical life-so I'm going to see my family dr next week to see if I can get something to help---I REALLY WANT SOME XANAX!! lol