Saturday, June 5, 2010

well it's been another few weeks since last post

LOL what I was hoping to be a relaxing summer has turned quite busy. Every other week,we are seeing Zachary's behavioral specialist.The first visit went well-she said he talked about his friends to her and as she talked to him about some things he could work on,he asked her to write them down so that he could remember them-ahem,my child is 7? lol He can be quite serious sometimes. He's been pretty good lately,and pretty willing to do what is asked of him and meltdowns have been few and far between,but when he has a meltdown it's a DOOZY.

And I'm seeing that I need to relax more.Yeah,Right! When? I need to make the time.Really unless it's a rare trip to the store by myself,I usually only get out of the house BY MYSELF twice a month for my biweekly salon manicure/pedicure appointments.I want to get back into yoga and figure out meditation.I pulled out a book I got many years ago.I hope it helps give me some pointers.I've been reading THE WELL TRAINED MIND and have gotten alot of good homeschooling pointers from it.One that I hope to add to our household and homeschool schedule is a daily rest/relaxation period.That's a hard one because I can't get it into my son's head that it's not a nap time per say-but if you want to nap great,but just be quiet and relax for a little while.It will be good for the both of us.