Saturday, June 19, 2010

well.....another sleep study is in the works I think

Zach and I went over to a friend's house friday evening to watch a movie and for him to get a little playtime with one of his homeschool friends.When I got back home,hubby told me that the cardiologist had called.She wants me to see another dr about the sleep study.I called back and the first visit will be a consultation and depending on what the cardiologist told him and what he surmises from the consultation,there will probably be another sleep study-this one in clinic.I really dread this.The hubby is going to have to take a night off work (unless I can get it done on the weekend) and Zachary doesn't go to sleep for daddy.LOL He and his daddy clash and fuss and bicker. LOL On a good note,I think I'm finally getting used to sleeping with all the cords and the oxygen.