Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Well it's official--we are both sick---sinus infection/upper respiratory infection-AGAIN

Didn't we just go through this back around March? At least that's what my last bottle of antibiotics say.SHEESH~! I need a break. Yesterday I took kiddo to the doc and he's on antibiotics for 10 days-the usual pink stuff we moms all know. Took myself to the doc today and I got antibiotics and a shot-great my blood sugar has been sky high all day since.I hope it's down tomorrow. I feel like CRUD! I managed to be lazy and get 1/2 a cat-nap today LOL. I got up and made a quickie supper for the guys and had leftover spaghetti squash and salmon cakes for myself.I saw them on D-D-D a few nights ago and I've been wanting them.I cheated and used the canned stuff because I haven't felt like doing a big grocery trip and I thought they were delicious.Might have to make them again SOON!!