Saturday, August 28, 2010

notes...notes...and more notes...

For the past week we have been finishing up workbooks and I've been reading over some notes from THE WELL TRAINED MIND to help get us back into the swing of homeschooling this year.I'm going to try and do things as described in the book **mostly** and that will be a new "system" for us.So I'm jotting down points to cover in our studies and making lists of people we need to learn about in history and need to make a list of library books that will re-inforce what we're learning. ALOT of work,but I love it!

Also getting ready to go out to dinner with the hubby next saturday for our 9th wedding anniversary. Sept 1st is our anniversary but we can't get a sitter till that saturday-still haven't really made our choice of where to eat. In a town that is LITERALLY OVERFLOWING with restraunts,it's sad to say that most of them are still mainly fast food-even the "sit down" type restraunts. Hubby took off extra days next week for our anniversary,so he's only working 3 days. Still not sure what to get him-I've looked online and for the 9th year the "gift guides" say "pottery and willow" I guess I'll get him a coffee mug and a willow tree!