Wednesday, August 25, 2010

still waiting

Still waiting..........The floor guys came and measured Monday and got our samples for what we want to put down when they re-do our floors. We picked a mahogany wood for most of the house,an brown italian tile for the kitchen, and grandpa wants carpet for his little nook/den area. They were supposed to get back with us with an estimate for how much $ damage it will be LOL the next day,but we're still waiting.....Hubby will try and call them back tomorrow. Going to get the car detailed tomorrow too-been wanting to for the past few months,but something always comes up and it doesn't get done,well tomorrow it is! Those guys are going to earn that $ LOL cause my kid has made a mess in the back seat. Hubby used to detail and keep his truck clean as a whistle but has gotten lazy with my car. I had an eye appointment today to have my eyes checked. I'd noticed that when I would play a game on my cell phone that things were blurry and that when I was reading sometimes I couldn't make out the words if I wasn't right at the book. Funny,the doc said my eyes were still almost perfect and that I just needed a little help when reading,so I'm getting reading glasses. Gotta love eye coverage-a $300+ eye exam plus glasses only cost me $16. LOVE IT!!! Now gotta make hubby an appointment. He's over due for an exam.