Sunday, August 8, 2010

playing the waiting game

Well I called Zach's dr and she said the pediatrician would be the actual dr prescribing the meds for us,so I put a call into their office the other day. They only deal with these "issues" on certain days-like they do the yrly physicals.So the next opening they had for us was August 30. So we have about a month's wait! REALLY frustrating. I talked to a friend who has teen sons dealing with asperger's and other issues and she told me another place where she gets their meds,but I don't want it to seem like I'm switching doctors and it would be a hassle getting the medical records sent over there. I guess we'll play the waiting game and see how it goes and if I don't like how the pediatrician does the meds with us,I will use this other facility for the asperger's/adhd meds.

I survived the sleep study test Friday night and hubby and Zach got along well-zach was in bed before 10pm LOL-the hubby got off easy that night,let me tell you! The tech said that she couldn't "officially" give me any results but from what she's seen and what showed up usually means that they will want me to come back and do another sleep in with a CPAP machine. GREAT-they just don't know how big of a hassle it is for me to be away from home at night. I haven't decided if I'll do it,but I guess I will hear what the dr has to say about my results and take it from there. My sister has a CPAP but doesn't use it cause she says it's the most UNCOMFY thing in the world to her and she just won't use it. I know getting quality sleep is better for your health,but come on,we all snore-and my hubby does it worse than me-but getting HIM into do a test like that would be worse than pulling mule's teeth! LOL I keep telling him he should do it cause he really does stop breathing when he is on a snoring spree-he sounds like a mad bull moose sawing logs,let me tell you! LOL

And the house situation just keeps getting worse and worse. We had our bathroom done about 2 years ago-had a hole in the floor patched and the tub/shower replaced and the toilet moved over a littel from the tub. Now we are having problems with the floors buckling in several rooms. We had a guy come look at it last week and he put some stuff under the house to dry it out and is supposed to come back about September to see if the floors have gone down or gotten worse. Well he's coming back in a few days. A few weeks ago we had to re-cauk the bathtub/shower cause the cauking was coming off. I went into the bathroom the other day and the clear cauking had turned reddish brown-talk about FREAKING OUT! I have bleached the tub and scrubbed it soooo many times trying to get it off,but it keeps coming back. The hubby says that it's something behind the cauking (and probably shower walls too) causing it to do that so he thinks there's a leak in one of the pipes around the tub and if so that might be causing our flooring to buckle. That situation is REALLY PISSING ME OFF! (sorry) If we have to re-do the bathroom and the flooring OMGOSH I am going to go ballistic! I am not a happy camper right now LOL.