Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's been a while............

Gosh-the past few weeks have been super busy. Zach and I both were sick with sinus infections over a month ago and things just snowballed from there. The hubby's dad has had problems with not being able to feel one of his arms-at one time he had dr visits every day for a week-and then surgery. Well he had another surgery this past friday.Hopefully this will fix whatever is wrong.Going to the drs everyday with him is getting to my hubby--it's draining. Zach was supposed to have swimming lessons this past week also but he has had a lingering cough that just will NOT go away.It started around the 17th of this month. I called the drs office and they didn't want him to come in unless fever went over 102*. After about 2 weeks I took him in anyway and the dr we saw said either reflux or ashtma. So we are treating with reflux meds-I've seen a small improvement but he still has the cough at night. It's so bad that he will wake up in the middle of the night coughing to the point of almost getting sick. That's draining on both him and ME. I made an appt at the asthma/allergy clinic to have him tested for asthma this coming week. I'm thinking they might even go ahead and do the allergy testing,so I've tried to explain what might happen to zach and to get him OK with it just in case. He has a dentist appointment tomorrow morning to have the sealant put on his teeth that is supposed to prevent cavities. Thank goodness insurance covers at 100% for us. I'll only have to pay $7 from what was left over at his last cleaning appt. Then Friday I have to go into the sleep study clinic at 8pm and spend the night. LOVERLY! LOL I dread it. Since I've been using the at home oxygen machine out electric bill has jumped $200. Now there is also a HEAT WAVE going on in the deep south,so I'm not sure which culprit is to blame. I could tell it was working and felt more relaxed and slept somewhat better after first using the oxygen at night,but now I can't. This will be a BIG adventure for zach and dad. Mom has always been the one to put the kiddo to bed and to tuck him in and get him to sleep at night-daddy has worked nights almost all of zach's life LOL (few breaks in between months but he works mainly nights). Zach thinks of daddy as "time to play" lol and minds me a little better-at least at bedtime.

Zach's been going monthly to see DR COOPER (our behavior specialist) for his asperger's. I can see some changes-but he still has a quick temper and boy when it flares up,you better watch out! And he is still impulsive about crazy things-the other day I found him playing in the bathroom squirting water from a bottle onto the mirror and floor. OMGOODNESS! what a mess I had. Tantrums are becoming less--in a good week LOL--but they still happen. Next dr visit I might ask if there are any meds we can try that might help level off his temper and some other things. Or if she thinks he needs any. Still really torn about it-don't want to medicate but some days it just wears the both of us out I think-both zach and me.

Well it's August.We're going to be getting back into the swing of homeschooling in a few weeks.Now we are stocking up on those 25cent notebooks lol. I want to get a few bookcases and we will be all ready I think. Zach doesn't play with toys-he likes electronic video games,ipods,cell phones,etc--so a few weeks ago I got rid of some of the clutter in his room and threw the toybox out.It was a catch all for trash that he was too lazy to take to the garbage can anyway. His room is a little better. He needs a new dresser too,so maybe I can find a good deal. I plan on really changing his room around in either December or January when I am going to get him a sofa bed and get rid of the "loft" bed that he has now. He'll have something to sit on and a bed included. I think that will actually work for us and get him into his own room some nights.

This coming week,the weather man predicted 3 digit numbers for our temps and with matching 100*+ heat indexes. I can't tell you how ready I am for a good 30* cold snap--SERIOUSLY! I'm also ready to decorate for fall. I can feel the changes starting-I'm ready to bake,craft,and pull out all my cute little fall decorations. I hate that I have a few more weeks to wait LOL but I am soooo ready to see little pumpkins out on porches and see cute little scarecrows decorating doorways!