Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Something's gotta give.............

I am so tired of things needing to be "fixed" or "repaired" or "replaced" around the house. I mean SERIOUSLY. A few years ago we had to have the bathroom on our side of the house re-done-all but the sink area and I would like to have that done next. Now Fast-Forwarde to today. About 2 weeks ago we saw some bulges in our floors. We got to looking and they are in every room of the house (except the downstairs area and the laundry room area cause they have concrete floors). There is a huge BUCKLE/BULDGE in the kitchen and an even bigger one in the living room. The ones back in our bedrooms aren't that bad but they are there. Had one guy come in and tell us that if we put some plastic under the house with a fan that the floors could possibly go back down on there own. Well that was last week and hasn't happened. Really didn't think it would. Now we had another guy come yesterday and he actually went under the house. He came back out and told us that it wasn't a water/pipe leak but the "sub-flooring" was wet and that was what was pushing our main flooring up. Imagine that the incredible hulk is down under the house trying to push his way up through the floor. That's what it all looks like. So we called our insurance and they won't even send someone out to look at it-saying that they don't cover "moisture" damage-but if it had been a broken pipe now they would cover that. LOL funny they said the opposite when we had them look at our bathroom-we don't cover leaking pipe damage but if it had been moisture we would cover that. The hubby thinks they are BSing and trying to get out of covering whatever we send in. The only other option we have at the moment is to use some of the equity built up to do the repair. Called the bank to get that started and we have to get an appraisal done on the house. Hubby's been calling appraisers today and it'll run just under $500 for that....It never ends!!!! If we ever get to the point of having it done another problem comes up-where do we put all out furniture and stuff-told the hubby we're going to have to rent a storage unit or something because it's every freaking room of the house!!! And we're going to have to find a pet friendly/dog friendly place to crash while it's being done...LOVERLY-this just keeps getting better and better....AAAAAH where's a big oversized bottle of CALGON when a girl needs one? No,really,I'd much rather have a genie or magic wand so I could FFW a weeks and get this crap over with!!!!!