Tuesday, November 9, 2010

another slow cooker delight

Tuesday evenings we have music class and afterwards,I'm USUALLY NOT in a mood to be standing over the stove and cooking. So this week,I planned on using the crockpot. Tonight's fare was RED BEANS and RICE. It turned out very good.

1 package of red beans (soaked overnight if possible)
2 packages of turkey kelbasa (or your fave sausage)
1-2 cups of brown minute rice (or your fave rice)

After soaking the beans overnight,I drained and rinsed them well this morning.I then added them into the crockpot along with the turkey kelbasa chopped into small bite sized chunks and 1/2 of a white onion diced. I added a little salt and water and let it cook all day. When I got home from music class,I added about 2 cups of minute rice and a little more water and let it cook about 15-20 minutes longer to make sure the rice was fully cooked (even though it was minute rice).

This is definately a hit. I think I'm even going to have enough leftovers to stash some in the freezer for another cold evening.