Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A few faves.............

I have to be careful about strong scents in my house-whether it be in candles,air freshener sprays,potpourri,cologne or perfume--I have horrible allergies and can't wear most perfumes or colognes because they give me horrible headaches/migraines. The same thing with other scents too. But I found a few I can tolerate-being some of those glade seasonal candles. I love the ANGEL WHISPERS's scent--and just found a new one called Chocolate Cherry Sparkle-smells just like chocolate covered cherries! I also love the glade relaxing moments sprays and candles-especially ISLAND ESCAPE. There's another one from that collection but I can't remember the name. The ones I can't handle are cinnamon,vanilla, and evergreen scents--those will give me a headache quick!

I love cooking/recipe magazines--and magazines in general. I love the kraft FOOD AND FAMILY magazine. It has great recipes and info on new kraft products. It's a really fun magazine and a real bargain too.

I won a free subscription to EVERYDAY FOOD (a Martha Stewart Magazine) earlier this year and I don't think I will be purchasing a subscription when my free one runs out. Although I'm not big on Martha's recipes,I have found a few that I want to try out. Martha Stewart just isn't my style LOL.

I love Weight Watcher's Magazine --not only does it have great dieting/lifestyle tips for getting healthy and of course losing weight,it has wonderful recipes and inspiring articles from people who have had success using the weight watcher's systems.They also have yearly recipe books with all the recipes from each year-I have the most recent 3 books and love them. I've gotten great recipes from them.

I also like the FOOD NETWORK magazine --and the FOOD NETWORK TV channel as well. I did get the EVERYDAY WITH RACHAEL RAY magazine for a while and did enjoy it but found that it was getting repetitive so I didn't renew when my subscription was up-but I'm thinking about renewing.

I also really enjoy the TASTE OF HOME magazines-and boy,they have alot to choose from-I think I've subscribed to just about all of them at one time or another. They have wonderful ones to choose from whether you are looking for light and healthy recipes-to family favorites-to special holiday editions. You can find just about everything in TASTE OF HOME. This is another one I need to renew.

And for a little family fun,I have just recently subscribed to FAMILY FUN MAGAZINE. They have lots of great ideas for spending quality time with the little ones in your family-and most of the ideas are either FREE or CHEAP. That's always good in my book.

And how could I have forgotten about WOMAN'S DAY? I've subscribed to Woman's Day magazine for about 15yrs now.What can I say? It's iconic.

Another magazine I really enjoy and need to renew the subscription to is ALL YOU . They have great tips about just about everything-some recipes and ALOT of coupons--GOOD coupons. It's a great magazine with alot of great info-you should check it out!

And while enjoying my monthly pedicures,I've found two new magazines (at least they were new to me) that I've subscribed to: SOUTHERN LADY and Tea Time.

I think when the hubby or anyone asks me what's on my wish list this year I'm going to include a few of the magazines that are up for renewal! ;) The husband says I need to find some more MANLY magazines so he can have something to read LOL-anyone have any suggestions? LOL What are some of your fave cooking or other magazines for us girls?


The Park Wife said...

One of my favorites is Mary Jane's Farm, check out their website, it is fabulous. But, it fits my lifestyle, I think that is important in a magazine.

Found your blog through Sidney and Angie's (I grew up in Meridian). I look forward to going through more posts, love your recipes!