Friday, November 19, 2010

A Season of Thanksgiving.....

I plan on posting my Thanksgiving menu-and pics of special dishes--PLAN on it LOL whether it happens or not I don't know yet. I haven't even really started my holiday grocery shopping yet. I do have a turkey! YAY! lol But other than that,I don't have much. So sometime tomorrow,going to hit the store. I don't care if the hubby goes with me (except for the fact that I can get more when he's with me cause I can put him to work pushing another buggy)---but it's MANDATORY for him to be home when I get done to help unload the car. Otherwise,I turn into a very GRUMPY WIFE! Especially if I have alot to unload.

OK,I think we should share some things we are thankful for--I mean since it is the season and all. As one of the kids at our harvest party said today "I am thankful that the pilgrims came here". I agree-that's a pretty good one. I'm thankful for the usual healthy family, friends that I can be myself with and don't have to be fake and can be as goofy as I want and they will still like me. I'm thankful for my son,although he can push ALL my "WRONG" buttons,he is my joy. I'm thankful for my MUTT Min-Pin Tinkie, she has changed my life-never knew I was a dog person. I'm thankful for all the plentiful things in my life. I'm thankful that I can be a stay home mom and housewife and homeschool my son. I could go on...It's good to take time to remember the things in our lives that we are thankful for-not just on the last Thursday in November,but everyday. We should live each day with a little bit of Thanksgiving in it.

I hope all of my readers (**waves at readers**) have a very safe,happy,joy filled holiday filled with bountiful blessings and time with friends and family. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!