Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I hope this is a sign of good things to come.......

Ever since he was big enough to make his "own decisions" about what to eat,feeding my son has been a struggle. If it wasn't a french fry,potato chip,or chocolate candy bar most of the time it was a struggle to get him to eat it--SERIOUSLY. And if it was meat in any form it was out of the question. The most "meat" I could get him to eat might be a itty bitty bite of a chicken nugget-but most of the time he'd just eat the "crust" off the nugget and leave the meat part. Tonight,for laughs I made him a ham/cheese sandwich and cut it out with a ghost cookie cutter. It was the first cutter that I pulled out of my drawer,so GHOST sandwich it was. I have been frequenting some online sites about making bento lunches for kids (and adults) and this one uses alot of cookie cutters to make fun kid-shaped foods. It looked so fun I have been saying I was going to try it with Zachary. And tonight I just did it. My son didn't ask what it was-ask if he had to eat it--he just gobbled it right up. And about an hour later came and asked me to make him another GHOST SANDWICH. I was flabbergasted!!!! You just don't know how long I've been waiting for my son to eat a sandwich that wasn't made of peanut butter and a tortilla (what we call a peanut butter burrito).......I hope this is the start of a change in my son's eating habits. Don't worry,I'll keep you guys updated!


Krista said...

Awesome! There are so many cute cookie cutters out there that he should never get bored!