Sunday, July 3, 2011

a little holiday cooking......

Chocolate/Vanilla holiday cake

KILLER Banana Ice Cream

I said I wasn't going to go all out for the holiday this year.We were going to grill out,but were not going to be cooking alot of food. But,grandpa bought hubby and me a new grill yesterday--a huge new grill!! And the hubby is all excited and ready to do the MANLY GRILLING OUT thing! This morning,I decided that I would try a new ice cream recipe and thought well,I'll make a cake and let Zachary decorate it for the 4th of July. So I ended up baking a cake-I found some sugar-free cake mixes at the store and since there are 3 diabetics in the house,this is a good option for us. Sometimes I'll make a cake from scratch but today wasn't that day! When it came time to decorate the cake,Zach was too enthralled in a video game,so I ended up decorating it myself. I ended up doing a half chocolate frosted-half vanilla frosted cake with chocolate sprinkles and red/white/blue star marshmalls. I thought I had another can of sugar-free chocolate frosting in the pantry,but I didn't-so I improvised! I tend to do alot of that in my cooking-much to the husband's chagrin!

Now,back to the good part--THE ICE CREAM. I've read about Banana ice cream on quite alot of blogs and thought why not try it--since I have a ton of bananas in the freezer. While the husband and I were doing a de-clutter of the living room this morning,I took the bananas out and let them get a little soft. Later,I dumped all of the bananas into the food processor and added in a little bit of ice cream mix I had in the fridge (chocolate silk,a little heavy cream,and splenda). I've been playing with the ice cream maker latey and had a little mix left over from yesterday's experiment. I processed it until it was nice and thick and creamy. I had intended to blend it smooth and then put it in the ice cream maker and see how it turned out,but it was so smooth and creamy from just using the processor that I just spooned it into a huge bowl and put it in the freezer. I had to pry the bowl out of the hubby's hands it was so good! He went to the store to get some things I forgot to get yesterday and I have a strong feeling he might be picking up more bananas! Believe me,you HAVE to try this one!


frozen bananas (I used a gallon and 1 quart size zippie bags of frozen bananas)
**1cup of ice cream mix OPTIONAL (chocolate silk soy milk--heavy cream--splenda)

**I just added the extra things because I needed to use before they ruined- you can just use bananas and have a delicious dessert!