Sunday, July 3, 2011

What's on the menu?

Chris likes picking around with guitars and playing video games.

HE's SINGLE and can cook--quite a catch,ladies!!!

Don,Chris,Aaron---and THE GENERAL! (a few years ago)

A nephew has been telling us about the chicken he cooks on the grill using soda. It's originally called BEER CAN CHICKEN but neither he nor I drink,so he uses a soda and a special blend of spices he came up with. I have been telling him he has to come over and make this chicken specialty for us. He FINALLY came out today to help us christen the new grill. We made one beer can chicken and one soda can chicken. OMGOODNESS, can I say DELISH!!!! Both chickens were unbelieveably moist,tender and absolutely delicious. Along with the chickens,we grilled brats,chicken sausages,bell pepper,sweet onions,and hotdogs. Everything was sooo good. I'm so glad Chris came out today. We had fun. Zachary and TinkerBelle are both crazy over him. Tinkie goes nuts barking and jumping and trying to get his attention the minute he walks in the door. Zachary is usually all over him,too. Chris is really a nephew,but I grew up with him and he's more like a brother to me--Zach calls him his "uncle". Chris has 2 brothers,Aaron and Don. They are all wonderful young men. They don't drink or smoke--they love their parents and family like crazy and would do anything for them. And listen up,ladies,all 3 of them are SINGLE!!!


Krista said...

It has been so long since we made beer can chicken! We used orange juice and OMG you are right! It is so good!