Friday, July 1, 2011


I had a close call today. Of all the crazy things I'm allergic to the following foods: CARROTS,TOMATOES,BLUE-BERRIES, and PECANS (a southern girl allergic to pecans-unreal!). Today for a snack/lunch,I was having 4cheese cheese crisps and hummus. YUM-love some hummus! I was munching on them checking out my FaceBook pals and getting ready to dive into some more family tree reseach,and I noticed that I was starting to feel funky. My nose started to get a little sniffly and my tongue went numb. When I figured out my tongue was numb I realized it was allergies. I flipped the box around and scanned the ingredients and found the culprit----DEHYDRATED TOMATOES....On CHEESE crisps???? You have to be kidding me!! Now I could understand that if they were an italian cheesy flavor or a queso cheese or nacho cheese flavor--but plain cheese? GREAT!!! I had to scrounge around and find what little benadryl was left in the house-not even a full adult dose. I had only had a handful of crackers,so I'm hoping that it wasn't enough to result in a full-blown allergic reaction. But it did get me to thinking. Many years ago when I first started taking allergy shots,I did them at home myself--3 shots twice a week. The allergy dr had me get one of those epi-pens just in case something triggered a re-action. Now I see a different allergy clinic for my shots and they do them in the office--2shots every week or as needed. They haven't given me an epi-pen but I do have to wait in the office for about 15mins after getting the shots. I'm thinking I might ask at my next shot appointment next week and see if I might need to get an epi-pen. I guess I'll wait a little bit and go make a caesar chicken salad for lunch!


Krista said...

Oh no! I hate that. Glad that everything is ok!