Monday, July 4, 2011

Time for some GRILLIN' and CHILLIN'!!!! HAPPY 4TH of JULY!!!!

Hubby cooking on our new grill

Delicious grilled corn---wish I would have thought to use a prettier plate! lol

Time to eat--grilled steak,corn, and a huge potato.......DELISH!!!!

Banana-strawberry cream----soooo good!!!

Today,I was a little more liberal with the hubby and gave him free-range of the grill. I just warned him that he better turn it down lower than when he cooked the burgers (they were a little charred around the edges) and he better NOT burn my steak! I think I scared him LOL. My steak was perfectly rare-just how I like it! The pototatoes and corn were absolutely fabulous,too! I made another batch of banana ice cream and added in a handful of strawberries and about 1 cup of some frozen orange juice from some fresh oranges I had earlier this year. It was sooo good! I also made Zach some frozen sorbet using mango-pineapple juice and the last cup of the frozen juice that I had. It was good-Zach complained it wasn't sweet enough,but believe me,it was absolutely perfect! I told a sister that I was going to have to diet all of July and August to work off all the calories that I have comsumed this long weekend! And I have enjoyed every bite--even the charry burgers!