Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Home-made freezer pops

I saw this recipe in a FOOD NETWORK magazine a few months ago-haven't tried them yet but they are pretty.The recipe says to combine 1 1/2 cups of fruit juice or fruit nectar with 2 TBS of superfine sugar with 1 1/2 cups of peach nectar. As usual,I didn't-I made my own variation.I used straight nectar and froze it into freezer pop molds.I also froze the leftovers into extra ice molds.My son has been asking for a "snow cone". Now down South,that's basicly shaved ice with a SWEET,STICKY,SYRUP poured over the ice-not really something I want to add to his diet,you know.I know this has some sugar but probably not as much as the stuff at the snow cone stands.Last year we bought a homemade snow cone maker.I got to thinking that instead of using the syrups at all that I could freeze juices/smoothies,nectars into ice molds and then just shave it and it would already have the flavor in it.We haven't tried it but I just might pull it out this weekend.

Well it's official--we are both sick---sinus infection/upper respiratory infection-AGAIN

Didn't we just go through this back around March? At least that's what my last bottle of antibiotics say.SHEESH~! I need a break. Yesterday I took kiddo to the doc and he's on antibiotics for 10 days-the usual pink stuff we moms all know. Took myself to the doc today and I got antibiotics and a shot-great my blood sugar has been sky high all day since.I hope it's down tomorrow. I feel like CRUD! I managed to be lazy and get 1/2 a cat-nap today LOL. I got up and made a quickie supper for the guys and had leftover spaghetti squash and salmon cakes for myself.I saw them on D-D-D a few nights ago and I've been wanting them.I cheated and used the canned stuff because I haven't felt like doing a big grocery trip and I thought they were delicious.Might have to make them again SOON!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Finally FRIDAY!!!!

Well today was a crazy day---but we all managed to make it through without injury! I had the echo-cardiogram done today.All in all the procedure took about 30-45mins.I had one done in 2003 a few weeks after Zachary was born,but my new dr wanted a new one.The tech said everything looked "OK" but that he could tell that I had high blood pressure by watching my heart "work" during the ultrasound.I'm going to put a call into my dr on Monday just to make sure there were no surprises in the test.I don't have a scheduled appointment with her for about 6 months and there is NO way I can relax till I know everything is OK. Thanks for all the good thoughts/well wishes.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

EchoCardiogram Friday

Well I have to have an echocardiogram done tomorrow.Mainly just to go along with the other "baseline" tests that the cardiologist wants to have-not having any problems (at least that I know of LOL),so hopefully it will be a quick in and out procedure.

I received a few comments and am still trying to figure out how to reply to them.Thanks for the well wishes and comments.I appreciate them all and will reply as soon as I can figure it out!

The 4th of July is coming up and I am so excited.I haven't seen my neice in person since 1989.She is all grown up and married now and is coming to town for a family reunion.They have been living the past few years in Oregon,and have now just moved back to Mobile (her hubby's in coast guard).We are going to have so much fun together.We both love history and researching family genealogy!!! EEEEEEE I am so excited to have Tisha home again! ;)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

well.....another sleep study is in the works I think

Zach and I went over to a friend's house friday evening to watch a movie and for him to get a little playtime with one of his homeschool friends.When I got back home,hubby told me that the cardiologist had called.She wants me to see another dr about the sleep study.I called back and the first visit will be a consultation and depending on what the cardiologist told him and what he surmises from the consultation,there will probably be another sleep study-this one in clinic.I really dread this.The hubby is going to have to take a night off work (unless I can get it done on the weekend) and Zachary doesn't go to sleep for daddy.LOL He and his daddy clash and fuss and bicker. LOL On a good note,I think I'm finally getting used to sleeping with all the cords and the oxygen.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


to my new followers----and to my regular followers.I happened to notice a few new "faces" in my followers today.....just saying HI-and welcome.....

Friday, June 11, 2010

Oxygen is for old people,right?

Wisdom from my son after the home health place delivered the oxygen equipment to my house today.Got the results from the home sleep test this morning and it showed I was at/below 63% oxygen for an hour at some point during the night. I guess that means I have sleep apnea. I put a call into the drs office to find out how long she wants me to do this and what the next step of treatment will be,but they are out of the office on Fridays,so I will have to wait till Monday to find out.Supposedly,my insurance will cover this at 100%,so I am willing to give it a try.Tonight will be the first night of it.I hope I sleep better than last night-I am BEAT!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Doctor

A few weeks ago I went for the dreaded yearly gyn visit.Things were OK but because of family history and the health concerns I had during/after pregnancy,my dr wanted me to get established with a cardiologist.Gotta love genetics-there are strokes,heart attacks,diabetes galor in my family tree.Yesterday was the first visit with Dr Rodriguez.She was a fabulous dr.Like my gyn,she sits down and really talks and listens to the patients-not just the typical office visit. They did an EKG and it was normal thank goodness.They want to schedule a sleep study for me.I told them there was no way I could go in clinic to have that done because the hubby worked over night and there was noone who could be with my son,so they are seeing about renting the equipment and doing the sleep study at my house.Kinda dread it but it will be alot easier to do it this way than the hubby to get time off work-plus zach doesn't go to sleep well for his daddy either LOL. They are doing an echo-cardiogram on me in about 2 weeks.She said that the blood pressure looked SO GOOD that if I can get other numbers improved over the next 6 months that possibly I could come off the blood pressure medicine-that kinda worries me because I've been on some type of bp medicine since the late 1990s-but I will discuss that with her when the time comes.She wants me to walk 30mins per week 5xs per day-in addition to what else I'm doing.Things are crazy stressful at home right now-with working on Zach's asperger's issues and the husband's schedule and just typical life-so I'm going to see my family dr next week to see if I can get something to help---I REALLY WANT SOME XANAX!! lol

Saturday, June 5, 2010

well it's been another few weeks since last post

LOL what I was hoping to be a relaxing summer has turned quite busy. Every other week,we are seeing Zachary's behavioral specialist.The first visit went well-she said he talked about his friends to her and as she talked to him about some things he could work on,he asked her to write them down so that he could remember them-ahem,my child is 7? lol He can be quite serious sometimes. He's been pretty good lately,and pretty willing to do what is asked of him and meltdowns have been few and far between,but when he has a meltdown it's a DOOZY.

And I'm seeing that I need to relax more.Yeah,Right! When? I need to make the time.Really unless it's a rare trip to the store by myself,I usually only get out of the house BY MYSELF twice a month for my biweekly salon manicure/pedicure appointments.I want to get back into yoga and figure out meditation.I pulled out a book I got many years ago.I hope it helps give me some pointers.I've been reading THE WELL TRAINED MIND and have gotten alot of good homeschooling pointers from it.One that I hope to add to our household and homeschool schedule is a daily rest/relaxation period.That's a hard one because I can't get it into my son's head that it's not a nap time per say-but if you want to nap great,but just be quiet and relax for a little while.It will be good for the both of us.