Tuesday, November 3, 2009

halloween treat recipes

For these spooky halloween ghost cookies I took "nutter butter" cookies-you know the ones shaped like a peanut-and dipped them in almond bark.I placed them onto wax paper and let them harden in the freezer.Once they were set I decorated with different colored gels.They were GOOD! I had wanted to make cupcakes from scratch but the batter I tested 2 weeks ago didn't turn out the way I liked,so I decided to use a box mix.I used Devil's Food chocolate cake mix.I couldn't find my muffin pan so I picked up some disposable cupcake pans that came with giant cupcake cups.The recipe I wanted to try was called "HIDDEN TREASURE"cupcakes.The hidden treasure was a hershey kiss in the middle of the cupcake.Since they were so big,I used 2 kisses in the center of each cupcake.I frosted with chocolate frosting and misc halloween sprinkles.The cupcakes themselves were delish but the kisses in the middle dried out when baking.But this is another keeper recipe I will definately try again.

I also found some wafer thin gingerbread cookies that I made into sandwich cookies using strawberry yogurt spread (brummel and brown) in between two cookies.They were wonderful!

I didn't get to try a couple of other recipes I had planned on so I will either do them at thanksgiving or christmas parties.