Wednesday, November 18, 2009

sewing---love to sew

I found some cute puppy paw print fleece fabric at the craft store yesterday and just had to get it.We're doing a puppy themed birthday party and used about a foot of the fabric to make puppy tails for a game of "pin the tail on the doggie".I had plans of making a doggie play costume for my son who loves to pretend he's a dog,but the son said he wanted a blanket.I made a simple square blanket and kinda folded the bottom under and made a little pocket so he could tuck his feet into the pocket and keep them extra toasty.I think it turned out fabulous for my ancient sewing machine.I want a new one sooo badly LOL-maybe hubby will take my hint! But after trying the blanket out,of course,my son changed his mind and said "I wanted the costume".So next payday I've gotta go back and hope they have more of this fabric. I made a pillow case for a friend's son's christmas gift and I have plans of finding a simple stocking pattern tonight and making a cute little stocking to go with it.He likes trains and I got some cute train fabric yesterday too and had some extra "transportation" theme fabric in my stash I hope to make the stocking out of.