Monday, November 9, 2009

no blogging lately

Sorry for the non-updates LOL--A few days after our halloween gala,the husband got to feeling really bad and went to the dr.Like most men,he has to be feeling REALLY BAD to do that.They tested for the dreaded FLU and it came back positive.He was on tamiflu but wasn't feeling any better and started to get a really hacky,chesty cough so he went back to the dr on thursday I think and they gave him another medicine.So he has been off work almost a week now.Thank goodness for sick time and sick pay.I've made a rough sketch of our THANKSGIVING menu.Working on a shopping list and gathering all recipes up so I can have them all in one place when I get ready to cook.I'll post that soon---PROMISE! Hope everyone has been doing well.What are your favorite Thanksgiving recipes or family traditions.I'd love to hear them.